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My VFR Flight into 12 Seconds of IMC TERROR returning home in my newly purchased Dakota

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I just purchased this Dakota beauty the day before and planned to fly it back home to NJ on Christmas day. The weather looked good for VFR, which is my current ratings. Rosy and I began flying from Houston (KTME) in the morning with clear skies. However, about 1.5 hours into the flight, I ran into an IMC for a 12 heart-stopping seconds where I couldn't see anything. What saved me and my honey was the fact that I trained with Captain Doron (best CFII ever) for many hours in real IFR… ( Mais...

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Todd Skoro 2
Ben, thanks for sharing this flight. Lots of great lessons for others in your video. Appreciate your humbleness to share an uncomfortable situation.
Thank you Todd
linbb 1
Guy was behing the airplane from take off too much he did not understand and was overwhelmed by trying to copy diffrent things. Too much head in the cockpit for vfr flying lucky that he broke out when he did. Keeps that type of flying he wont make it very long, had problems with various codes for airports and such wife had to be the copilot.
bbabis 1
Well done! No student should ever be able to get their license without being able to demonstrate the IMC 180 maneuver to perfection.
Getting into the need for that maneuver in the first place is another lesson to be learned.
linbb 1
Have been there done that due to poor planning, its going to get better, kept head screwed on flew the AC came out the other side. This guy was like I said above behind the airplane from take off roll listen to his chatter and his gum chewing showing it.


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