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Richard Branson Hints at Starting New U.S. Airline

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With Alaska dropping the Virgin America brand in 2019 and following disputes regarding royalty paymeents to use the Virgin brand, Richard Branson hints at a possibility of starting up a new Virgin-branded airline in the U.S. ( Mais...

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matt jensen 6
Good for him. Need more entreprenures like him. Doesn't hurt that he's a billionaire. I'll fly with him anytime.
his use of classy operations would be singular in its category, given the competiton's view of cattle car service with medieval flight attendants and slovenly check in personel. Hurry up Sir Richard and get to it.
indy2001 -1
The last thing we need right now is another publicity-craving billionaire. Let him cough up the full $3 billion over 10 years that he promised at the Clinton Global Initiative summit in September 2006. So far he's delivered a tiny fraction of that pledge.
Giving money to anything Clinton will sure put a smile on Bernie Madoff's face.


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