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UK air traffic meltdown 'one in 15 million' event -NATS

An air traffic meltdown that hit Britain last week was caused by a "one in 15 million" event, the boss of traffic control provider NATS said, after it cited a flight plan with two identically named markers as the reason for the chaos. ( More...

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David Sullivan 7
So what were the two identically named but separate waypoints ?? I thought the whole point of waypoints was that none of the 5-letter codes were the same.
Alan Hewat 3
Apparently he was referring to the 15 million flight plans submitted before NATS crashed due to a single flight plan, instead of simply rejecting it. That's OK then ?
Tim Dyck 2
Yes the next one might be 15 million flight plans away…or it might be the next one filed.
Randall Bursk 3
Navigation data base goes through 28 day cycle. Always changing, revisions to airways, arrivals and departures, to airports. Reason why two or three pilots are verifying flight plans against FMC loading. Waypoints that have same name can be found and corrected. Standard procedure. You think that all the waypoints on the planet, won’t be duplications. Let me throw this at you. Pronunciation with accents cause similar waypoints to be confused. Reason why pilots and controllers verify spelling of waypoints. Life is easy. Let the trained experts do the job. Arm chair pilots stay home. Good flights.
Bandrunner 1
"A one in fifteen million chance" is absolute drivel.
David Purtz 0
Why are the airlines stiffed with the extra costs and financial losses when it wasn't their 15 million to 1 shot? This was caused by NATS failure to properly test their flight plan program, if an invalid flight plan is processed it won't cause the system to crash. In the words of President Trump "where someone will be fired".


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