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Boom Breaks Ground on North Carolina Overture Plant

Boom Supersonic has started construction of a 400,000-sq-ft factory in Greensboro, North Carolina, meant to house production of its Overture supersonic airliner, the Colorado-based company said on Thursday. What the company calls its Overture Superfactory sits on a 62-acre campus at the Piedmont Triad International Airport. Plans call for the facility to house the final assembly line, a test facility, and a customer delivery center for the Overture. "Today's groundbreaking for the… ( More...

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Charlie Roberts 3
I work at GSO. IF, anything happens, I will let you all know
stratofan 1
It is worth noting that the CFM-56 was a success story that was ten years in the making. At one time Curtiss-Wright thought the Turbo Compound was as good as it gets, and that jet engines were only an expensive toy. The only place reciprocating engines are now is in Alaska or remote areas. Give Boom a chance to succeed first.
mbrews 1
Well, the last we checked, NONE of the major USA jet engine makers offered to partner with Boom.

Gonna be tough to go supersonic without a suitable engine.

If Boom doesn't gain an engine partner, the new plant can only produce expensive gliders ....
Torsten Hoff 2
Boom did find a new engine design partner in late 2022.
Larry Toler 2
I'm pretty skeptical on this venture. Hopefully the whole project works out and not just some money pit.
linbb -2
Boom is a place to put extra money which normally you would throw away. Beyond that there is another bucket to put it in if needed that Electric airliner in Moses Lake WA testing. Turns out its nothing more than an aircraft that will never be an airliner. Seems the same problem with it as this due to some item that is very important no one has it.
Greg S 2
crawl -> walk -> run -> fly -> fly big. New technology has to be developed, modeled, tested, experimented with, and iterated over. You can't just go to Amazon and order a box of new technology. What needed is a market, and the betting is that market will be provided by regulators.


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