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American Airlines to end its partnership with Mesa Airlines due to reliability concerns

FORT WORTH, TEXAS — American Airlines said that it would terminate its agreement with its regional feeder Mesa Airlines due to apprehensions about the dependability of the airline, which has been recently struggling to recruit new pilots amid the industry-wide shortage. ( More...

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bentwing60 8
AA, cherry picking your pilot roster and buggin' out so we can go fleece a new regional for a year or two!

A favorite sayin' from an old Lrjet freight MX crew chief, "Rust never sleeps and the screwin' never stops". Kudos Mark, you were spot on.
Well if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black!
Brian Freeman 3
How ironic to hear American Airlines talk about "reliability concerns." Hello kettle, this is the pot calling....
oh well..i am "old enough to remember"before all of the major carriers started the partnerships with regionals of any livery,and changed the paint and bookings to their own..that was in the early 80' that time aa flew its regular jets into some smaller cities, and then eliminated that and expanded to even smaller communities by using the regionals.."progress" i guess???
Ron Slater 2
And just before this was announced, Piedmont hired a retired Mesa pilot to be a new chief pilot. This might be a way to help Piedmont fill their new hire need and maybe even start a move to the west.
Jim Polk 2
i wish they would refer to themselves as New Piedmont to distinguish themselves from the original good ol' Piedmont of blessed memory. Piedmont waas not a good company to work for - I know firsthand - but they were a great airline to fly with. And they had big jet routes into smaller towns, and made money doing it. We flew heavy iron into Kinston (NC), Roanoke, Tri-Cities (TN), Charlottesville, and Huntington (WV), among others. Now, those places have no more than uncomfortable commuter jets with seats 12" inches wide and designed for passengers with no legs. I don't think Kinston has any air service at all now. Progress? I'll take the old way, thank you.
joe johnson 3
New livery...same old Mesa


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