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Gold's Gym Parent Company Confirms CEO Was on Crashed Plane

Piaggio P180 Avanti Crash off Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast. ( More...

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befreefilm 6
Fully “V’d” PIC ?
bbabis 4
Odd plane odd circumstances, unless the wreckage is recovered and an obvious fault found, this will be a tough one. RIP
Jon Duncan 2
The Piaggio Avanti is not a jet. It is a turboprop. Inept media.
Harry Thomas 4
Costa Rican authorities said pieces of the twin-engine turboprop aircraft were found in the water Saturday, after the flight went missing Friday.

The plane was a nine-seat Italian-made Piaggio P180 Avanti, known for its distinctive profile.

Joe Duncan...I don't see the word jet anywhere in that description.

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I believe you mean “peaceful protestor” or maybe political prisoner. Going to federal prison for 60 days for a misdemeanor is atrocious.
Steve Reed 0
Can you confirm that?
Richard Haas 1
"Ryan was at the Federal Prison Camp Bryan in Brazos County, a minimum security prison for women. Ryan got 60 days in prison for her role in the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol by fellow Trump supporters."
Richard Haas -9
"took to DC"
Dustin Kempf -2
That’s a nice sounding jet, What happened?


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