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Captain Sully Opposes Extension To Boeing 737 MAX Equipment Exemption

Captain Sully opposes exempting the Boeing 737 MAX 7 and MAX 10 from having EICAS. But is EICAS truly necessary? ( More...

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Silent Bob 3
Oh good the Great and Powerful Sully has weighed in, I can sleep easy now! And his "startle effect" argument makes no sense in this case. There is nothing at all confusing about the 737 alerting system. If a malfunction occurs, the Master Caution light(s) illuminate just as they would on an aircraft with CAS but without an aural tone. Instead of a specific message describing the item in question the system tells you on which part of the overhead panel the affected system is located (Fuel, HYD, etc). After determining which component caused the Caution you simply go the QRH which is conveniently grouped by System and locate the appropriate checklist, same as you would on an aircraft equipped with a CAS. There is no magic or mystery to it and any confusion would be easily explained by lack of or poor training. I get that it's time for Boeing to move out of the Stone Age, which means a clean sheet 737 replacement, but forcing a CAS update to an existing design that doesn't need one is unnecessary bureaucratic overreach.
linbb 2
Sully with the help of a program on that airbus it did most of the work getting down safely. Read up on that feature on that aircraft.


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