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Kremlin Proposes Russian Airlines Buy Seized Western Jets

The Russian government has asked local airlines to weigh in on an idea to purchase Airbus and Boeing jets operating in the country from their Western lessors using money from the National Welfare Fund (NWF). Russian carriers continue to operate nearly 740 regional and commercial airliners owned by foreign lessors but forcefully kept in the country under the Kremlin’s order. The Ministry of Transportation has distributed a letter on the subject to 20 key carriers. The responses from the airlines… ( More...

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ffrcobra1 2
Only if they pay in a western currency. Allowing them to pay in rubles will mean the current owners will need to convert the rubles into something else. This whole process would only serve to help prop up the value of the ruble.

Greg S 1
Good point.
Greg S 1
If Russia offers a fair price this seems like a way to get some cash from Russia for planes they've already stolen. We should go along with it. No spare parts or any other assistance, just cash for what Russia has already stolen.


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