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18 hour flight to deliver a Cessna 172 to Hawaii

One long flight in a single engine Cessna . This one from California to Hawaii. ( More...

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jeffg33 3
Video of the pilot and more details on how they did it here:
linbb 2
And Hawaii is the jumping off point from the US for many of them headed west.
George Lane 2
I'd love to read more details about how they accomplished this. Not just in terms of fuel management, but sleep and, um, bladder management.
Also, flying over open water, would they be required to carry a life raft on board?
jbqwik 4
this YouTuber details it nicely:
linbb 3
Have seen them years back getting ready to deliver a new Cessna overseas. The person doing this was in very good shape took about a week for him to get it ready did that all himself. Checked fuel burn oik consumption to the drop.Fuel tanks were proven to work properly and all controls were visually checked. Then all interior items except the pilots seat were shipped to the destantion. We only had one losts in the Pacific, took off didnt show up lost at sea.
jbqwik 3
Well, there's a job for someone, and, a job well done. But, no thanks, not for me; my bladder would make it about one hour before I'd have to turn around :-|
Mike Mohle 2
Little John + 1 spare, just in case....... 172 windows open.
victor carreno 1
If he departed with 200 gallons of fuel and he weighs around 160 pounds, he was about 500 pounds over MTOW. Is it possible to obtain a waiver to takeoff over MTOW?
jbqwik 1
I believe a one-time waiver is the norm for these type of ferry flights. don't quote me tho...
jbermo 0
I wonder why they did not allow some extra margin by departing from a coastal city . . . sort of like "not using the runway behind you".


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