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Delta Air Lines to order up to 100 Boeing 737 MAX 10 jets, sources

Boeing is edging towards a landmark order from Delta Air Lines for up to 100 of its 737 MAX 10 jets, a model it is battling in separate talks to get approved before year-end rule changes, people familiar with the matter said. ( More...

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mbrews 9
Merely speculating here. But there are a few factors at play. Delta has been ordering primarily Airbus recently. Maybe the order for MAX 10 involves 1) a desire for earlier delivery slots, since Airbus 321 long range has a very full order book. 2) an attractive sell price from Boeing

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Ken Hardy 5
Boeing is cutting some real discount deals to keep the order books up and the stock price up, with the 787-program losing money and the disaster KC-46 program in the dumps, they have to do something. Gone are the days when Boeing was the premier commercial manufacturer in the world and most of it has to do with poor management starting at the top.
Mike Boote 4
This story seems to come up every year. They certainly won't be buying them for the range the 10 offers. Boeing would likely give Delta a spectacular discount. But it doesn't stir up confidence that Boeing wants the jet certified before the FAA requires safety upgrades! That would give me pause.
Gerry Ward 2
Recently flew Boeing 737-9 MSP-FLL-MSP in economy. If they intend to pack the 10 as they have the 9, I'll be looking for another airline.
Terry Briggs 2
737 Max 10 would be a crummy replacement for a 757, along with the 747 one of the best things Boeing has ever built.
ADXbear -6
Boy is the future if flying totally boring! Gone are days of wide body comfort.. Scarebus has plenty of orders.. its good to see Delta buying American.
Mike Boote -2
BTW - if the 737 MAX 10 truly is a competitor to the A321NEO, then why does Delta need the MAX 10? Delta already has 155 A321 NEO's on firm order, with another 45 options?
Derek Vaughn 4
mbrews 3
Simple - Delta can use the MAX 10 as a 757 replacement. Delta still operates at least (60) Boeing 757 aircraft. The MAX 10 would provide comparable seating capacity for Deltas current 757 routes, and with more-efficient engines.

Delta's current 757 pilots could be transitioned to the 737 MAX 10 type. No joy-sticking required :)
Mike Boote 1
Then again, Delta is outfitting its A321 NEO's with very close to the same capacity as their 757's. Certainly the MAX 10 is not up to Europe routes.

If you're right about these being a replacement for their 757's, what does that say for the future of the Boeing NMA?
mbrews -2
In a few difficult years, we might see the term Boeing NMA
has evolved to mean Boeing " Never Manufactures Aircraft " :(
darjr26 -1
It’s disgusting to see Boeing still putting economics ahead of safety by running to the politicians to get around an FAA deadline. By stretching the fuselage again it’s going to make takeoffs a real adventure. It’s going to need a lot of runway to avoid a tail strike plus it has the same engine as the other MAX aircraft so unless its approved for a higher takeoff thrust it’s not going to have very good performance numbers. The telescopic gear might be a real adventure too. This isn’t the same Boeing that designed and built the 757.


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