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Crash of a Gulfstream GIV SP in Santo Domingo: 9 killed

The aircraft departed La Isabela-Dr. Joaquín Balaguer Airport on a charter flight to Orlando, carrying six passengers and three crew members. Shortly after takeoff, the crew informed ATC about technical problems and was cleared to divert to Santo Domingo-Las Américas Airport for an emergency landing. ( More...

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Dear GOD in Heave welecome the victims into your Kingdom and put your comforting hand on their love ones as they struggle through the coming days of grief. In Your Glorious Son's Name Jesus Christ. Amen.
This will be a really interesting investigation, with (no doubt) the NTSB being extremely closely involved. The GIV was clearly still under good control which enabled the PIC to plan his diversion for about 20NM track miles across to the East where a longer runway was available.


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