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Taiwan scrambles jets as Chinese air force enters air defense zone

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Taiwan’s air force scrambled on Sunday to warn off eight Chinese aircraft including fighter jets that entered its air defense zone, its defense ministry said, at a time of heightened tensions across the sensitive Taiwan Strait. ( Mais...

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Cleffer 3
I'm sure this will all end well.
Greg S 2
After all, what could go wrong?
bbabis -1
China knows that the opportunity is there under the current US administration that has no record of staunch support for democracy. As that administration's time grows short, China will be under more pressure to act before the opportunity is lost. China will continue to press and as soon as IT can claim Taiwan fired the first shot it will be too late for the small democracy.
peter tomlinson -6
When are we going to carry out a preemptive strike on China and I mean a well planned and executed preemptive nuclear strike .
Chris Croft 4
Hey Peter, why don't you work out the whole preemptive strike scenario on one of your XBox/ Playstation fantasies and forward it to the President and Joint Chiefs. You come across as a genuine fool.


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