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Qatar Airways Says Regulator Ordered Grounding of 13 Airbus A350s Due to a Faster than Expected Deterioration of the Fuselage Surface

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Qatar Airways has been instructed by its regulator to ground 13 Airbus (AIR.PA) A350 planes due a faster than expected deterioration of the fuselage surface below the paint on the jets. ( Mais...

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Alan Macdonald 4
Wow, one government arm telling another not to do what it didn't want to do anyway. I'm not overly familiar with the reality of this problem and maybe I haven't looked but don't recall seeing any evidence of the severity of it. This is just the way Al Baker works, seems the problem only started at the time they were trying to defer deliveries with no penalties. All this is accepted practice in the Middle East, just a way of life, akin to financial bullying. I haven't heard or read reports from any of the other A350 operators having similar problems, for example SIA and CPA which between them operate 98 of type. Maybe Qatar are just washing them with the wrong shampoo !!!!!!!!
bentwing60 3
One could entertain the idea that Qatar might 'own' their regulator just like somebody else we know once did?
william baker 2
MH370 must be mad today after reading this LOL
Greg S 2
He probably had to change his diapers twice!

Andrew Bain 1
delaying tactics of orders with out being find from qatar airlines but most people can see straight through them poor show.
sparkie624 0
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