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Boeing Uncovers Added 787 Dreamliner Problem in Jets’ Nose

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Boeing Co. has uncovered an additional manufacturing problem with its 787 Dreamliner, according to a person familiar with the matter, as it works with U.S. regulators to restart deliveries of the beleaguered jet. ( Mais...

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ADXbear 3
No big deal?? The pressure bulkhead is pretty important on an airplane that touts a 4,000' pressure altitude to reduce passenger fatigue... when will Boeing ever return to greatness..
Robert Cowling -1
Post bankruptcy when they are bought by Airbus, or post overthrow when they are given to Tupolev?
Robert Cowling -1
Oh, come on!!! You Trumpers and MAGA's have to realize that is what will happen if the next insurrection is successful! The country will be divided up, and given to the new leader's backers. Let's see, will it be Sukoi or Tupolev that gets Boeing. How gets Microsoft? Who ends up with Ford? And GM? Does Putin declare marshal law, and have MIG's flying over the cities? How long until the next Chernobyl in America this time?

Yeah, it could happen...
Silent Bob 3
Please go back on your medication.
Bob Wright 3
The biggest problems is Boeing has left Seattle production with their Plains and going non Union to the south east where they are having the most problems with their 787 Also they has a great person that could have led them into the future but dropped him and Ford Motor picked him up which turned Ford's further without borrowing money like the rest of the Car manufacturers did to keep alive.
Brian Wilkes 1
What a disaster this thing is the 787..............MAX..........
Ryan Snell 0
I love how this is all about boeing, which they do have a big play in this. Boeing doens't build the section thats having the issues. Spirit supplies the 41 section. Spirit is the cause of the production line to slow/hault. They are having multiple issues with floor grib and bulkhead issues.
Mathew Thieneman 1
That's still the fault of Boeing. They're taking delivery of the product, and passing it through Q&A. They hired this company to do the work, they're miles away from blameless.


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