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Allegiant expands to four more cities to keep up with growing travel demand

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Las Vegas-based budget airline Allegiant Air is expanding to four more cities as leisure travel demand continues to climb. Allegiant is adding 23 new nonstop routes in time for fall vacation and the holiday travel season, including routes to four new destinations: Melbourne, Florida; Amarillo, Texas; Washington, D.C. and Minneapolis. “Although it's been a slow climb back from the beginning of the year, we have been seeing demand pick up strongly to near and even past 2019 levels for summer… ( Mais...

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Steve Hoker 0
Yes, they had issues with the MD 88, but they did the job without a single hull loss or Life Lost, go Mad Dog.

However the One Time rate with the All Airbus fleet, is still horrable prepare to be late, if you fly with Alligiant...
Robert Cowling -1
I am so grateful that they stopped using DC-9/MD airplanes. Allegiant flew to FLL out of here twice a week, and you could *FEEL* them taking off. Yikes. I know many people that rocked their flights to LAS. Vegas is so much fun! Ive got a conference in August there. Can't wait.


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