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So long, social distancing: Southwest Airlines resumes pre-pandemic boarding

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In more signs of a return to normalcy, Southwest Airlines has resumed its traditional boarding procedures, ditching a pandemic policy of boarding passengers in smaller groups to promote social distancing. ( Mais...

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mary susan watkins 1
the virus is an airborne one,,if a person who had not been vaccinated is carrying it,all he or she has to do is breathe on someone else closeby,cough or sneeze, and so many are NOT wearing masks because their governor or whomever said it wasnt the way,there are 4 new strains of that virus now in the u.s. and they are much more contagious and deadly..good luck southwest going to get mass vaccinations for its employees as ual and american have announced???
Paul Miller -3
Goodness me > we mostly all knew that the Airlines would be trying their best to get people into their Aircraft as fast as possible and cutting the regulations of the Virus down to what THEY feel is a safe level.... I am sure that it will all blow up in their faces again soon though, we are still IN the COVID-19 disaster and Please ? lets ALL do what we can to cut the spread of this virus down.
Robert Cowling -5
Too soon. Shows how much they care about the people using their service, and how much they value money. It's money that they love. the passengers are just a liability...
chugheset 2
Hey Robert, all of the bad things you said last year in this forum that would happen if Boeing reopened - DIDN'T HAPPEN (Boeing will Restart Manufacture in Charleston 4/28/20). You might want to tone down your rhetoric in those cases where you are clearly wrong.
Silent Bob 4
So let me get this straight: the plane can be at full capacity, 143 or 175 people sitting in close proximity. But boarding in groups of more than 10 is somehow too much? Do you ever stop and think before you speak (post)? Do you have to wear a helmet when you leave the house?

Spencer Hoefer 2
The same people that are saying "too soon" are the people that are gonna wear masks the rest of their lives and never leave their house.
Robert Cowling -1
The same people that are saying 'too soon' are the ones that will survive the next variants that will sweep through the population.

I knew a guy like you. 'I'm not afraid! I won't hide behind a mask!' Then he spent three weeks in a hospital ICU, on a vent for half that time, and boy did his opinion change. 'I was wrong! This is serious stuff! I WILL wear a mask, and will definitely get the shot as soon as I can get it. I should have stayed home more, I should have taken precautions.'

Another troglodyte didn't take the pandemic seriously until his wife died from the virus. Then he 'got religion' and told people to take this whole 'hoax' seriously. He was met by sneers and derision by his friends. Stupid kills. I don't stay in my house, but I'm not needlessly exposing myself to covidiots. MY life is important to me, and the ironically 'prolife' stooges can't be brought to value anyone's lives but their own.

Stupid kills...
Chase Tompkins 3
It should be my choice if I want to wear a mask or not. I dont think this pandemic warrants the governments right to force us to wear masks, get vaccinated, etc. If you are high risk stay home. We should have let people work and kept the economy open for those who were low risk. All of the resources from the government should have gone to high risk individuals who couldn't work etc. Who are you to tell me I'm stupid because I don't want to cover my face because I am low risk?
Robert Cowling -5
I, like many officials, feel that it's far too soon to go back to full air planes. FAR too soon.

Nice slamming me as if I have Hemophilia. Shows what kind of ass you are. Stay stupid, and watch these COVID variants explode, and create a new pandemic crisis. I was pointing out Southwest's disrespect for human life, and you came out swinging for the snails. Do YOU ever stop and think before you post? Don't break a sweat on that question. You just react. Try thinking of others next time.
ADXbear -7
BIG FREAKING MISTAKE... this pandemic is far from over! By doing this SWA is participating in spreading the Variant viruses. Alot of states including mine, Florida are jumping the gun..
eyelidmovies 0
I wonder how many people this will put off traveling for leisure. Many people in my social circle are still 'being cautious', especially those who haven't been vaccinated yet. I think this could backfire PR-wise.
Silent Bob 7
If people are willing to get on a plane with 175 people and no blocked seats I really don’t think boarding is going to be a huge concern. Not to mention airports are packed now in a lot of places.
eyelidmovies 5
Fair point. I'm in the UK where we are still under a stay at home order for a few more days, and will be under "stay local" rules for a bit longer. It's easy to forget some other places have had normality, or something close to it, for a while now.


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