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More than half of world's airline pilots no longer flying - Survey

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Jan 29 (Reuters) - More than half of the world's airline pilots are no longer flying for a living amid the plunge in demand during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new survey, and those that are still flying feel less valued by their employers. A poll of nearly 2,600 pilots by UK-based GOOSE Recruitment and industry publication FlightGlobal, released on Thursday, found only 43% were doing the job they had trained for, with 30% unemployed, 17% furloughed and 10% in non-flying roles.… ( Mais...

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jbermo 6
Being an airline pilot is the hardest way to make an easy living.
I know a guy who lives in TX, and spends most of his days in FL waiting for another pilot to "call in sick"....all the while out riding his mountain bike....I wish I could be "not working" like that.
jptq63 1
Most of the "mountains" I know of in Florida are old landfills....
Sir, these are abandoned quarries (probably eventually to be filled with trash) ;-) Oddly, some great XC mountain biking to be had in Fl in the Santos (Cross Florida Greenway).
jptq63 1
Know the Cross Florida Greenway (much of the path was long ago suppose to be a canal across the State, if you look at some old maps), btw, it is a great place. In S. FL one of those mountains, I help fill in, is on the edge of FLL's Class C airspace.... :-) --- Actually I personally like the area along US 27 for bike riding in Central FL.
any job,whether its a pilots position or the customer service agent ,is only as valuable to a company as the needs of the company require..for years pilots have been held in high esteem because of the training required for their jobs,and they have been compensated well for it..the airline industry has had many good years this past decade,and when those planes can return to the skies with full loads of passengers again or cargo,the jobs will return as well..
Robert Mack 3
well Ms. Watkins - I upvoted you because I truly hope you are right. Somehow though, I'm deeply concerned about the state of the economy, the various strains that seem to be added to the virus, the markets which are down, more restrictions to come, as well as the loss of businesses, and rising unemployment. But if/when the planes are full with passengers, maybe a new level of respect and courtesy will be shared among the aviation community.

If only they would reopen it all with out the moronic fools that make up TSA who do nothing but waste time.
Carlos Bea 2
Yeah. Depends where you are on the seniority list. I know several Southwest captains pulling in over 350K annually working 9 days a month. I also know a former colleague who got on with American in 1987, 33 years ago, when he was just 23. He’s 56 now with another 9 years before he retires. Near the top of the AA seniority list of 18,550 pilots.


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