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Pilot of N8114F spells “God Bless” over Iowa

The pilot of N8114F, a PA-28-181 Archer II, has spelled the phrase “God Bless” over Iowa on January 11th. The flight lasted nearly 3 hours long and covered a distance of 341 miles as the pilot spelled out the message in bubble letters ( More...

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Cory Miles 19
lc1948 4
And their instructor thought they were simply going on short x-c flight!!
Mark Boehlen 8
Well done!
Ray Sundar 15
And GOD replied "Reading you loud and clear...Roger that".
To the pilot of N8114F - well done! God bless you!
Dave Mathes 7
...can I send you some gas money?...
Tim Dyck 5
Now that took a lot of planning and Impressive skills.
Brian Freeman 4
Must have been one hell of a sneeze...
Jerome Tre 6
I don't really care what it spells. The skill in planning out the flight and executing the actual flying is what I am looking at.
Ray Sundar 0
Yes! All people view the same GOD but with a different sense of "AWE"
japanjeff 2
Wonder if the pilot was breaking in a new cylinder or something... if you have to be up there anyway, might as well do something fun!
pilot4hire 5
For those that can’t see the skills . . . And the foundation of America on those words. I’m sorry that you can’t see the light. I tip my hat to that great pilot. May be this is the new air show that can be seen globally thanks to the 21st century tech knowledge. Amen.
Billy Meeks 3
Rife for political comment. Let’s see the big boys censor that!
Ray Sundar 2
Why? GOD is the only thing that is common among all religions and all nations! Only politicians create divisions by telling which GOD is better!
cyberjet 1
Oh please. Plenty of the believers spend their time telling others theirs' is the only "true" god and that their god's word is the only path to a righteous life - especially the American believers.
Randy Marco -1
There is NO God they're all idiots!
Tim Dyck 3
People are free to beleive or not believe in whatever religion they choose. Your calling anyone who does not believe the same as you do is rude and shows your own lack of confidence in your beliefs. Maybe deal with your own insecurities and refrain from being rude on the Internet?
We so called "non believers" actually believe in plenty of things but not in a god. It is mostly people with "insecurities" who need a god. Posting an article like this is provocative and asking for reactions.
kotbegemoth 3
I can imagine the uproar if the same words were spelled in Arabic - الله أكبر
Derek Vaughn 2
No uproar if spelled in Arabic in an Arab country.
Ben Shockley 1
Why is it backwards?
Seriously though, what's going on with the 2000' elevation changes in the flight path?
Duh, those are airspeed changes, not elevation.
God Bless America, the believers and the non believers. Great Job! Do it again
Michael Meyers -1
I just wish these folks would practice what they preach.

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Dan Grelinger 10
I agree with you as long as you apply the same rule to yourself. Didn't you just violate the rule you want applied to everyone else? Your comment sounds like YOUR politics. Be the change YOU want for the world by never talking politics. Otherwise you will come off as "Don't speak, unless you agree with me."
Atanu Dey 13
I agree with you, Etienne.

However, I think it was the skill of the pilot that was being appreciated and not necessarily the message. At worst, it is a harmless message. It's not as if it said, "Believe in God or else be damned to hell."
Just wanted to make my point and I'm not surprised it was downvoted :) If a lot of people want to believe in Santa it is up to them but if I have an imaginary friend they send me to a shrink, if I call him god it is fine.
John Spencer 7
Why so much hate for God?
Eric Rigling 3
Who is this God person?
Sidney Martin -2
The BEING who created the universe and you and you will have to give account to HIM someday.
John Spencer, how can we hate something that does not exist? However one can hate those brainwashed people that believe he exist. History tells us that there have been many wars in his name still as of today. Everybody is born naked and none of them are believers, that part is added on depending on the family and the country you are born in. A couple million years ago a young dinosaur asked his father dinosaur. " Does god really exist" his answer, not yet son, not yet :)
Tim Dyck -1
Wow! You mcknother's for their beliefs and claim you don't believe in God but you believe Dinosaur's talked to one another?
It is a joke Tim, a joke that tells that god is created by humans who "did not exist"yet during the time of the dinosaurs :)
It that not a fascist attitude in wanting other people's freedom banned???
In Europe we have lived with Fascisme, people in the US cal somebody a communist while he would be called right wing in Europe. Banned may be a strong word but each forum has his rules. A couple weeks ago people asked not to post political views. Aviation depends a lot on politics and politics depends a lot on religion. Especially in the States. You will need something bigger this time than a god to get out of the mess god created in the U.S.
Aviators Robert L. Scott, John Gillespie Magee, Jr., Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Richard Bach, and many others might disagree.
Ray Sundar -1
At least you can agree that there is an Almighty power that is holding that plane up in the air while spelling His name!
Bandrunner 6
Bernoulli's Principle and gasoline? Yes.
Mighty are the forces of physics, ye unbeliever.
Ray Sundar -2
Oh you simpleton. Its called Aerodynamic principle. Bernoulli principled static behavior of gases.
Bandrunner 3
If I be a simpleton, I have plenty of company from what I see.
Paul Thomas 3
In Science We Trust.
Ray Sundar 0
Oh Yeah! What happens when a plane falls of the sky or crashes? Then you blame it on GOD!
What power? Oh yes the engine power. Did you forget what those guys shouted when they attacked your country on 9/11.
Ray Sundar -1
Yes! That was GOD's will too! GOD does not interfere in the affairs of men.
Rock Pinard -7
agree 100 % with you

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jpsoldo 12
In response to Joseph Nimee's comment- as a pilot I do know that this could be done. Would have been extremely hard to do prior to GPS/RNAV capabilities. However, with these capabilities and especially with the "breadcrumb" feature on a moving map it is not too difficult to do today. It does require careful planning and continuous monitoring of GPS ground track (which compensates for the wind effect). So, there is no good reason to think this is fake. It is so disturbing to keep hearing reference to the truth being fake, and there should be no tolerance in the aviation industry to the promotion of a fake idea.
Great job N8114F and blessings to you too!
iais513 -5
In reference to jpsoldo comment. Anyone with any aeronautical experience and knowledge can clearly see its impossible, by looking at the "S" in "bless" to make turns that sharp at the reported airspeed. Physicals tells you that... NOT ME. Besides if this was true, and it was that amazing... it surely would have been in the news... and it was not in any of the Quad Cities news, national news or international news. Why? because they know it to be too. It is so disturbing to keep hearing reference to the fake as real, an there should be no tolerance in the aviation industry to the promotion of a fake idea.
Bob Carlson 4
What's shown is the actual real time course that the plane flew. This would not be affected by wind drift as you would see with sky writing.
iais513 0
Wind drift is ground track not wind correction angle... Sky writing is completely different
Tim Dyck 2
Just because you can’t do something doesn’t mean someone else can’t.
iais513 -4
In Reference to Tim Dyck comment: Physicals tells you that you can't do it. NOT ME. use your head for crying out loud... by looking at the "S" in "bless" its impossible to make turns that sharp at the reported airspeed. Physicals tells you that... NOT ME.
John Hodge 4
Your saying a Piper Cherokee can't make an 180 degree turn at 88 kts inside a little under half a mile? I guess every time a small airplane turns downwind, base and final it's defying physics.
iais513 -3
half mile yes...i never said it couldn't... look at what i specifically said... turning half mile and making a near 90 degree turn in less than half mile in that sharp turn is two different things. If this pattern was done in a helicopter i would not have an argument.. You need to understand what someone is saying then understand physics before coming off as an analytic expert.
skylab72 4
513 you have either misread the data or botched the calculations. Nick's "feat" while requiring real planning is nowhere near magic. Come on with us into the twenty-first century.
iais513 -5
For those who have responded to my original comment and bashing me here... ask yourself these five questions: 1) How many vfr flights have you ground tracked on flightaware? None! How does flightaware even know an airplane is airborne? From ATC reports based on a IFR flight plan that was open and closed from that ATC facility that the flight plan operated in. So if an airplane takes off vfr, from anywhere from any airport, flightware does not even know that particular airplane is out flying around unless its on an IFR flight, the plan is opened by and closed by ATC and ATC reports it to Flightaware. So if you had filed an IFR flight plan and atc opens it, NOW flightaware is "aware" that you are out. And even then, if its a VFR flight plan flightaware is not going to know anything about your flight because again vfr flights are not ground tracked. Only IFR are ground tracked, because the airplane is in continuous radar tracking that is being reported from atc to flightaware. Remember, flightaware is NOT getting their information from the aircfraft's GPS, they are getting it from Radar facilities... and unless the atc facility reports to flightaware that the plane is out there flightaware IS NOT GOING TO KNOW THAT. The only way an airplane that is not on a IFR flight plan is tracked is if the airplane reports to ATC and then, the only thing you get is "position reports" And I doubt that little Cherokee is ADS-B equipped. That leads us to the next question to ask.

2) How could he make these heading changes at will? The pilot of the airplane that did this "god bless" would have filed an IFR flight plan (in order to have ground tracking) and had it opened by ATC. If that were the case, he is now in strict operating rules that are dictated by traffic, and by heading changes, altitude changes, etc. On IFR a pilot cannot just go changing heading directions at will, unless he is granted a block of airspace to operate in, such as IFR training. So there is NO WAY he could have done this operating on a IFR flight plan. Which Leads us to the next question:

3) do you notice that the airplane took off and landed from MLI? But the ground track disappears. If the tracking is sooooo perfect? then why did it disappear there, but not anytime he was tracking the message? Next question.

4) Where is this pilot who did this? Obviously he did it so he and others would see it? right? well how come he hasn't come on here in this post from flightaware and left a comment? Surly other pilots in his flyingclub come to flightaware. I saw it, you saw it.. right? How come he hasn't come on here and proclaimed "its me! I did it, And here is how I did it"

5) Finally, If this was such a great feat... and such a great skill... how come not one news source outlet, anywhere has reported on this? How many times do we hear people carving messages in the ground, or corn fields, etc and its scene from the air and then reported in the news.. but flightaware or the author (the pilot) never reported this to any news outlet? Don't you think this would have made for a great story?

Finally, some bonehead commenter who replied to me said that what we are seeing is realtime tracking and that does not show wind drift just like sky writing. first of all sky writing is done in a very narrow portion of the sky where wind drift has very little or no affect. This god bless message appears to have been done over great many miles. Every pilot knows that wind greatly affects an airplane's course over a greater distances. The farther the distance the greater the error. And WINDDRIFT is exactly that... DRIFT... AND ITS REAL TIME and you don't know you have drifted unless you are off course. So unless there was NO wind that day, it can't be that perfectly over that many miles with out screwing up and redoing it a portion if the message somewhere along the way.

So unless this guy did this message on a day with NO WIND at any altitude ( which is meteorologically impossible), while on a IFR flight plan under ATC radar control and was the ONLY airplane flying that day where there where no other traffic to be vectored around, was free to make constant heading changes that over that great distance while operating on that flight plan, there is no way this was done. Seeing is believing... and when I see the actual pilot with a real name, comment on here and say "ITS ME.. I DID IT" .... I am not holding my breath.

Like I said... not even the Blue Angels fly that exact. And they would be the first to admit it.
jpsoldo 6
I stopped reading this argument after reading point number 1. It appears that iais513 is not aware of the new technology called ADSB. Prior to this, iais513 would have been right that VFR flights do not appear on FlightAware. But, since the implementation of ADSB (which probably the entire aviation world knows about except iais513) VFR flights now appear on tracking websites. Especially true around Class C airspace such as at MLI.
No point reading any further in this post since the first argument is completely false.
Tim Dyck 2
Thank you. I don't know the science behind tracking technology but I do regularly use Flight Aware to tell me were my flight home is so I can plan on when to be ready to leave. I know from that that when it is shown a mile from the airport I can look and see it approaching the runway so obviously it works. I have also used Flight Aware for photographing planes so I can be were I want to be when they are flying over a particular landscape, again I don't know the science but I have the pictures to see that it works. So again thank you for your interesting post and have a great day.
Nick Lenting 6
I am the pilot who flew the message, and I added this post to spread the word. The Archer I flew is ADS-B equipped and the flight was flown VFR. I planned it out by drawing the message on ForeFlight and then adding waypoints to make a Flight plan. The speed shown on the track is groundspeed. All the sharp turns were done at maneuvering speed, with a bank angle of 45 degrees. The reason the track disappears over the airport is because there is very poor radar coverage an that low altitude. My flight was featured on WQAD news 8 in the Quad Cities twice
John Hodge 7
Nick, I think it's awesome. Great flight planning and well executed!
Sidney Martin 1
Way to Go Nick. Thank God there’s people who are willing to spread the Gospel!!
Tim Dyck 1
Wow that was impressive. I would love to share a few beers with you some day and hear about how you planned and executed this. Maybe my wife and I will have to go on a vacation to your aria?
Copy and past "and I added this post to spread the word" That's against the forum rules. I live in south east Asia and we have a lot of these Americans who feel the need to spread the word. They mostly prey on the weaker people in the society, not nice to do.
Sidney Martin 2
So instead you post anti-American things on flight aware to prey on Americans? Do you realize the risks you run by not believing in the ONE true God? If I’m wrong, I still had a happier life by believing. If YOU are wrong, you’ll regret it for eternity!!!!
Yet another simple reaction, stick to the facts, because I have a different opinion than you it does not make anti American. Black and white thinking no gray shades for most of you.
iais513 -4
LMAO research shows it wasnt
Benpa28 4
Please look at the flight replay on here or flightradar24, it really is fascinating to watch.

I've flown pipers for many a year and whilst I see your logic, I know the PA28 is very manouverable. I'm quite sure I can make a 90 degree turn in under 100metres with relevant power settings. And as another commentator said, look at these aircraft flying a circuit when turning base and final, they are making 90 degree turns in a very short distance.

Whilst no wind conditions aren't impossible, it's possible to have calm predictable winds in which you can make accurate corrections.

Regarding the perfect distance in the bubble lettering, the errors in track caused by wind drift are likely contained within the thickness of the yellow follow me track.

I know what it's like to join the dots of logic and come to a rigid conclusion, but in this case I think we need to accept this happened with a combination of technology and skill. Another example I believe is Quantas drew their kangaroo logo over Sydney or somewhere in their last 747. When you see the turns in the flight track required, you'd think it was faked, but it definitely happened.
WhiteKnight77 3
Your research was not deep enough, or is it wide enough, to grasp what type of equipment exists today for such tracking of any aircraft. Also, if a 707 and a helicopter can do a barrel roll, then a Piper P28A can most certainly take a bank of 45 degrees without falling out of the air.
Tim Dyck 4
And yet it did. Why not just admit you were wrong, give Nick a big congratulations on his skill and move on? Is it really worth making yourself look like a fool over this?
Relax, admit you were mistaken, move on And have a great day.


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