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Last Boeing 717 Operator in Europe Bids Farewell

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Low-cost carrier Volotea has announced its plans to phase out its remaining nine Boeing 717-200 aircraft, marking the end of the type operating throughout Europe. The Spanish airline, which is headquartered in Asturias Airport in northern Spain, operated a total of 19 717-200s since the airline began operations. ( Mais...

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ADXbear 2
I always loved the plane when I worked for Airtran..
SmokedChops 1
flew the Citrus from MLI to ATL numerous times - at the time they were the newest ships in the fleet. On a return flight was with a herd of cabin staff - they all commented on how great the last iteration of the DC-9 really was - a few looked as they had a few decades in the air - seasoned professionals who had flown damn near everything built in the last 60 years. Long live (the memory of) AirTran. Wonder how long before those B712's wind up over here?
Tom Bruce 2
last of the DC9s and all the similars that followed...

Johnathan Guif 1
The Last of McDonnell Douglas is sadly Dying out. I really want one more chance to fly on the 717 before Delta Retires them too.
SmokedChops 1
I actually have to chuckle at this - the ship in the picture was an ex Midwest Airlines unit-I actually was on that one from an MKE to ATL leg. (I write the N-number on my ticket stubs along with picture from the terminal of the aircraft. this particular one I also have a photo of the flight deck crew holding my then-3 year old daughters little stuffed hippo up on the coaming above the instrument panel as i was de-planing from ATL. MidWest, cant forget the cookies.)
Elliott Kefalas 1
Hello from Skiathos (LGSK) Here is our farewell video for the last B717 operator in Europe

Elliott - skiathoslandings


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