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Former historic Braniff flight attendant dorm being turned into new luxury hotel in Dallas

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Love the jet-age vibe of the TWA Hotel at New York’s JFK airport? Get ready to pack your bags to do it again only this time with a Texas twang. Plans are afoot to restore the former Braniff International Hostess College building in Dallas as a new luxury hotel for avgeeks and mid-century design buffs alike. The new hotel will feature 75 luxury rooms featuring Braniff’s jet-age design themes, according to Braniff Airways Foundation president Richard Ben Cass. Guests could begin checking-in in two… ( Mais...

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Paul Miller 2
I LOVED Braniff so much, it was that Airline in January 1980 that first brought me to the USA and Dallas Texas. I am so happy and that the past Hostess College will be a great place to stay at once it's all done and opened up again as a hotel to the general public.


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