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Small plane slides off runway at Illinois airport, stops in street where a car drives up its wing

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Minor injuries to the driver. Looks like a pretty good outcome. Not for the plane, though. ( Mais...

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ajagostini 9
ATC: N#####, Traffic (rush hour) 9 o'clock off, no, sorry, ON your left wing.

But seriously, Glad all is well when the most pain felt is by the insurance carriers.
bentwing60 -3
As a private pilot, you are part of those 'insurance rates' and the cost to GA!
ajagostini 7
Yep, So far 18 years of fully paid premiums and no claims on my end...Hoping for a perfect streak by the end of it all. Per Richard Collins, "What is the most important hour you will ever fly?" "The next one."

[This poster has been suspended.]

Jesse Carroll -2
Come on' man...Vote for TRUMP!
Maybe the pilot of the "engine stopped" 5 miles out is a junkie? No prop damage!
matt jensen 5
I got him Andy. He's not escaping this time
joel wiley 5
Looks like the plane's carrying too much cargo, poorly placed.
Michael Ragsdale 4
What's with all of the random "quotation marks" in the article. ie. "quit" "sputtering"
john doe 1
Quotes are sometimes used to indicate questionable statements or assertions.
The Other Pair of Boots 0
Unusual as it may be in this day and age, where quotes are often used for emphasis or other purposes, they are using quotes to tell you that the words quoted are exactly what the person said, not something re-phrased by the journalist.
Jesse Carroll 1 mean there are such things as"Journalists" nowadays?
Just saying!
Albert Neal 2
Some people do those silly (sorry for the quotation marks) "AIR QUOTES". It just makes you want to give them a wedgy, doesn't it!
Andy Cruickshank 2
Car driver was probably texting while driving!
Karl Lehenbauer 1
Mike Mohle 1
Avoiding an airplane in the middle the road is tough........
Torsten Hoff 9
As a kid in Germany I once was on a bus which hit a helicopter.

A ADAC BO-105 medical emergency helicopter had landed on a city street during rush hour traffic to transport a victim. For unknown reasons the bus driver decided to go around the helicopter and didn't see or misjudged the spinning main rotor blades, and drove into them. The blades sliced through the roof of the bus above the driver's head, and the helicopter was knocked back onto its tail (no damage there due to the support spring under the tail boom, whatever that is called).

Needless to say the helicopter was disabled and the person it was to transport had to be transported by ambulance. I don't know if he/she made it.

At least I had a good story for my dad when he asked why I was late coming home from school...
It is right across the street from a highschool
Geoff Arkley 1
I want to see what the responding Police Officer described the vehicle as in his accident report.
Andrew Bunker 1
The insurance claim form would be interesting reading!
Scott Brown 1
Did anyone notice the condition of the wing with a 4000lb car sitting on it? That is a pretty sturdy spar system in that wing. Too bad about the engine, but a lot of pilots are taking that risk every day with un-certified aircraft and flaky engine conversions, etc. The whole thing is an insurance nightmare... But it sure is fun while it lasts!!!! And big kudos to the pilot who managed a landing during a take-off power failure. I think the pilot would have walked away, which he did, and the airplane probably would have been repairable but for the car-on-the-wing thing.
Bob Harrington 1
Hope the driver has Farmer's Insurance...
R Raty 1
pilots should be above divisive politics
George Stromeyer 2
Fully agree. Let's bring decency back to America please...
Adi Rabadi -2
Only the president is allowed to do that
bbabis 1
The driver of the car was injured?? I guess a lawyer got there pretty quick.
David Burns 3
The lawyer was probably the driver of the car on the wing. They do know how to sniff out opportunities.
srobak 1
Paramedics are not lawyers
Ahhhhhhh....some of the reasons I left Illinois. Used to drive that past that airport few times a week. Just yesterday now another incident at RFD (fatal).


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