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Pilot in deadly crash had fire retardant on windshield, report says

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One of two pilots killed in a midair collision while fighting a wildfire in Lincoln County reported having fire retardant on the windshield of his aircraft just before the crash, according to an NTSB preliminary report. ( Mais...

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sparkie624 5
Bad to hear... those guys do a great and near impossible job... Prayers to their family and I am sure God will have compassion on their souls
Bill Cannon 4
Very unfortunate accident. Should never have been flying that close together. Preventable for sure.

bentwing60 1
These guys were flying turbine powered, completely purpose built aircraft, and they knew what they were doin'! Even if you fly an SR22, 'you ain't got a clue'. In a conversation with either at the local waterin' hole you would not be 'tellin' the 'tales'. Enough!

Imagine the reduced visibility issues in a completely dynamic environment that is variable from clear to a 1/4 mile in smoke and unknown winds in 100 feet, with a contaminated windscreen too boot. You literally can't.

They had to be 'close together' because they were working in tandem in the same hot spot!

Not only would I not do what they did for a 'livin', I could not do what they did for a 'livin'. And my credentials here that haven't been erased are not suspect for the comment.

They were doin' their 'job', and the last link in the 'chain' broke. RIP and Condolences, again, and for you old pros out there, when we meet 'out west' we'll have a 'jolly good time' arguin' about who had 'the worst job or the best bid'.
Very sad.May he RIP.
mike prendergast 1
Very Sad to read about this.


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