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Watch AI-controlled virtual fighters take on an Air Force pilot August 18th

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, DARPA will no longer hold an in-person event for its third and final AlphaDogfight Trial that’s scheduled to take place from August 18th to the 20th. It’ll be held virtually instead, and both participants and viewers alike can watch online as artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms control simulated F-16 fighter planes in aerial combat. By the end of the three-day event, viewers will even get to witness a matchup between the top AI and an experienced Air Force… ( Mais...

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sparkie624 3
WOW.. Very interesting... Thanks for sharing
Nice comment Darius. That is exactly why I keep a street directory in my glove compartment. And I qualified for an IFR rating for GPS based runway approaches. If we all lived in Utopia, then Sascha would have a point, but given the prevalence of totalitarian megalomaniacs around the world, thinking of PRC, Russia, N. Korea, Iran, then that is just a delusional pipe dream.


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