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Boeing Engineer Claims Additional Design Flaws With 737 MAX

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A Boeing engineer who has raised concerns regarding the 737 MAX asserts that there are systemic problems with the design of the narrowbody aircraft ( Mais...

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patrick baker 6
boeing apologists ought to have figured it out by now that boeing no longer gets the benefit of the doubt, meaning heightened checks/double checks are needed more than ever. The goal should have been, but never really was, to construct a more complex 737 even safer than the originals. We should insist that this engineer's claims be completly looked at, proved or disproved, then move ahead.
Greg S -1
Anti-american shitstain MH370 continues with his propaganda campaign.
sparkie624 0
That much is certain... Had nothing to do with the plane and everything to do with Piloting Skills (Or the Lack There Of)!
sparkie624 1
You look a hard enough at any plane and you are going to find a Design Flaw... I mean really, this bird has gotten way too much attention and is a good plane... Reporters treat this plane like a mole hill... Any Bad news, they jump on it like "Flies on ...." Well you know!


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