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Pilot makes emergancy Landing in Baker City Oregon, Oregon

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The pilot put down in the field after the engine of his small plane failed in Baker City Oregon. ( Mais...

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James Driskell 2
When in doubt, don't taxi!
Robert Cowling 2
I'll bet that was exciting. In my home town, shortly before I left for college, a pilot landed in a field. The carburetor was gummed up, and it finally failed. They got it fixed, and thought that he could take off on a county road, but ended up having to have it taken out on a flatbed. Expensive... That it didn't cartwheel in the field amazed people, making his idea of flying it out really unpopular with authorities.
Robert Cowling -2
And hysterically bad reportage: "The passenger told dispatchers that the plane had lost AN engine".

Um, that was THE engine. The ONLY engine. That thing, the only one, on the front of the plane. It has that long blade shaped thing on it. *good grief*
Bob Hallissy 2
How do we know that isn't what the passenger, in fact, said and that the report is therefore accurate? I agree it has to be one or the other, but I don't see evidence to suggest which is the case.
btweston 1
Heavens. Think of the children.
mike SUT 1
They forgot the rest of the headline "and runs into ditch"....
Jasper Buck 1
Ouch! I have a few hours in the Cessna 170. Many years ago but my family owned one of those and a Cessna 310 (twin.)

The airplane in the article is a Cessna 170 (FAA Reg. # N5478c) powered by a Continental C145 series engine. The airplane was manufactured in 1956.

Since no one was injured (accept the airplane) the FAA will will conduct a minimal investigation and the NTSB will do a desk report based on the FAA's investigation. Albeit a minimal one.

J Buck

Airline Pilot(Ret.)
ATP DC-9/B-717, B-757/767
FAA Safety Inspector (Ret.)
FAA Aircraft Accident Investigator (Ret.)
Aviation Safety Consultant


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