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FAA issues orders flight restrictions in Iran, Iraq, Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman

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The Federal Aviation Administration has issued flight restrictions banning US civil aviation operators from flying over Iran, Iraq, and the waters of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. "We continue coordinating with our national security partners and sharing information with US air carriers and foreign civil aviation authorities," the FAA said in statement. ( Mais...

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wigmore hoover 3
There is a video of the plane on fire just before crashing . Missle strike evidence !
wigmore hoover 2
Of course the Ukrainian airplane was shot down by an Iranian missle...
Dan Drimmie 1
I looked at several photos of ground debris, coming out early Thurs. morning. Many aircraft components showed remarkable similarities to like parts of MH17...notably relatively small and numerous 'punctures' reminiscent of a proximity explosion.
Adam zeliger 0
It is most likely an act of revenge of the Iraniens for the keeling of Sulemany.
and we saw that they don't care too much for human life, even of their own.
alex hidveghy -1
Adam, you should really proofread your post before posting, don’t you think? Iranians, killing, Soleimani are the correct spellings. Otherwise your credibility goes south.....
Jakob Xanther 0
... also an undisclosed engine failure can cause 'punctures' like seen on these fotos. Please wait for the facts. Fotos from unknown sources are no facts.
Dan Drimmie 4
I didn't purport them to be 'facts'. Also, punctures forward of the engines drastically reduces the probability of an 'uncontained' engine failure. Video showing the mid air engagement and resulting explosion and delayed (due to distance) concussion 'boom' further suggests a missile strike. Iran's initial and rapidly released claim that it was a technical/mechanical issue, suggests that they were quickly aware that they had caused the downing and were in 'cover up' mode. Attempting to sanitize the crash site before international scrutiny and later back pedaling some of their earlier statements does not instill any real confidence that we will see the full facts come forward in any investigation.
steve lowy 0
Iran already admitted to accidentally shooting it down, but I doubt it was an accident because they have very advanced SAMS.
Jakob Xanther 0
Missle strike evidence ? I have seen many videos of burning engines caused by bird strike. I suggest to wait until the facts are on the table.


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