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Mom, Daughter Kicked Off Air Canada Plane, Not Told They're Banned from Airline Until It Was Too Late

A Quebec woman wound up spending nearly $8,000 in airline tickets to fly herself and her daughter home after Air Canada kicked them off a plane and didn't immediately inform them that they were banned from future Air Canada flights. Air Canada says the two were ordered to leave their flight, departing Bucharest for Montreal on July 31, because of disruptive behaviour. ( More...

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Braniff77 7
There has to be much more to this. The mother was in the lavatory while the plane was still boarding? The airline claims they wouldn't stow their bags, but did she really go to the lavatory before stowing her bag? If someone was sitting in the daughter's assigned seat, shouldn't that person be the one to move? Did that person just grab her seat, even though it may have been assigned to her? Did the daughter then just sit in an open seat that was assigned to someone else? And what's the point of selecting seats ahead of time (and often paying for the privilege) if the airline can just move you around? Inquiring minds want to know.
the story is interesting..if the woman and her daughter were already onboard as indicated by the story,and she just went to the washroom on board,only to return and find someone in her seat,that could have been resolved without a feud or fight or disagreement by the flight attendant verifying boarding passes and seat numbers..people will and do often move around if they think there is a better open seat.. the flight attendant could have gone out to speak with the agents working the flight to see who was supposed to be seated where..if a flight is full and an agent is requested to count heads and seats for verification, the flight attendant could still speak with the agents to see if the 2 boarding passes had the same seat number,or if the man actually took the womans seat,forcing her to look elsewhere...however, since the carrier is not an American one, they may follow different procedures..still,confrontation is easy to avoid if you try the logical approach..
Something doesn't add up. i think there's some hidden information on both sides. I'd really like to know what happened to cause this, and what the final outcome is.
lynx318 2
Think you're right, no way that all that happened has been divulged. Something screwy about what's stated on the seat reassigning. They're told to take their assigned seats??? 'OK mister attendant, here's my seat allocation info, take me to my seat' what happens when attendant can't seat passenger, surely some sorting has still to be done then. I'm believing the abusive passenger bit but wonder how goaded they were?
This escalated way too far and too fast.
It is not just the airlines but trains,resturants,hotels,car rentals and most service orented businesses that seem to be having more and more trouble with people not wanting to follow the rules or have an attitude of a priviledge type person.Proper behaveure and politness seems to be rare in a lot of people.I saw a video last week of a passanger that put his bare feet on the video screen to his front in the airline seat and had to be told about not to do it it several times by the crew.
Ten to one that these two did not learn anything about what happened as in their own "self-importance heads they have not the intelligence to analyze what went down in what order and how it could have been avoided.
Jenny Baker 2
Another bad rap for Air Canada. I keep reading how rude & inefficient Air Canada’s crew is, even in Business Class. I’m in Australia & I made a mental note, a while back, to NEVER fly Air Canada. On the face of this story seems to me the crew was at fault. How can they order move people’ to move seats once they’re onboard? Mother & daughter should sue the airline. Agree with some earlier comments.
Greer Kemp 2
The story is that the seating was rearranged by the crew to ensure families could sit together, but then a crew member and the mother have a heated exchange about why she was not in her assigned seat...? Why? Why would the mother and the crew member not simply go to the assigned seat and then verify who was telling the truth - and the crew member could then decide to move the man back (I assume that he must have been moved by another crew member - so the two did not communicate), and the issue could be very easily and efficiently be dealt with. I hear so many of these stories about people getting into heated exchanges on western run airlines, but I don't recall ever having had any bad experience with incorrect seating in an Asian airline... ever... and I fly internationally a LOT.
Oh well behave like civilized citizens and you won't get kicked off a civilian Airliner
Jenny Baker 3
This should apply to crew too!
Rich James 1
I smell an easy money law suit...
The airlines need to have in-cabin cameras to protect themselves from these frivolous lawsuits.


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