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Cirrus Caps deployment and recovery video in Quebec

On 27 July 2019 I crashed my plane in the remote wilderness of Quebec. I was rescued 5 hours later by Canadian Heroes. #planecrash #cirruslife #canadianheroes Credits: US Coast Guard "Pilot safe after ditching aircraft 253 miles northeast of Maui, Hawaii" Music Info: Epic Cinematic Dramatic Adventure Trailer by RomanSenykMusic. Ross Bugden INSTAGRAM! : (rossbugden) TWITTER! :… ( More...

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Cansojr 11
We must tip our hits to the men and women rescue Parajumpers, Evac-helos and all the support a CANADIAN or AMERICAN search and rescue services will put their lives at risk to save another soul whether it is sea, land, ice, or water. It is uncommon in this world that work as well as the AMERICAN and CANADIAN Rescue Centres and coordinate their operations in joint ventures.
I'm curious as to what happens "next"
1) Is the guy billed for the search and rescue? or is that just covered by the Canadian tax dollars?
2) What happens to the plane? I'm guessing he had other items that were left int he plane. Will it be salvaged?
3) insurance? i'm sure there's a payout somewhere. does the mfg get involved to find out what happened?

i'm not trying to bust this guy. I think it's awesome that he was able to ditch safely, and was quickly rescued. A great job by everybody. I'm just curious as to once the rescue blankets are folded and the news cameras pack up, what happens next?
Jim Welch 2
I was wondering the same thing.
Don’t quote me on this, because it’s nothing but speculation.
I don’t think he will be billed for it, as it was a valid Mayday. I do think however that while the plane may be un-recoverable because of the remote location, they may require fuel/oil recovery.
I would be interested to hear from anyone who knows how that’s handled there, and thanx in advance!
Cansojr 1
Hi Supercool add Jim, those are excellent questions. 2, The plane is a write off, anyway who has the cash for a Skycrane to lift it to Gander or St. John's. Prohibitively expensive. 3. You can take items you can carry in the rescue basket only,weight is prohibitive in a fuel swallowing Cormoront. 3. Several years ago Richard Bransons attempted to go around the world in a balloon. He failed, the Canadian Military put on a very expensive rescue for him from the Canadian Arctic. The Canadian government sent him the rescue bill because it was perceived as a foolish rich mans game. Its hard to say how much to charge him with, fuel, aircraft and aircrew. It was more than a 10 mission time to rescue thi7s very fortunate man.
Cansojr 2
Sorry for the typos. The Mk 1. starting to fail. They say that retirement are the golden years. HA HOGWASH!
Why do so many SR22s fail?
jthyland 1
Indeed, hats off to Evac, Sheriffs, Search/rescue, Coast Guard, etc. that do this all day-every day.

Cirrus-I don't know, I do not own or fly one, just hear-say from friends: Insurance is double than similar a/c. All deployments are total loss.?
Greg Scoggins 1
I have a SR22 with an insured hull value of $175K and pay $2,100/year for insurance. Am I paying double what others are paying? Are people really insuring high performance singles for $1,000 to $1,100/year??? Regarding deployments, I'd say this deployment is a total loss, but there are a number of planes that have been repaired and are flying today.
Frosty1025 1
Curious about the neatly cut wood for the fire, the smell of fuel and the fire so close to the aircraft, the fire started so close to other tress that could start a forest fire, the close captioning mentioning Hamas as a key word to attract viewers. If any are true, then al lot of no-no’s to learn from.
Chris B 1
It took five hours to be rescued. Assuming the video is a collection of short sections.
a a 1
awesome story


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