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Southwest's Presence Beginning to Radically Alter Interisland Fares in Hawaii

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Southwest Airlines' present-day Hawaii philosophy harkens back to the airline's origination. The carrier's first network planning was, according to company legend, scribbled on a bar napkin connecting the Texas Triangle of Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. The thinking was to offer regional service at eye-popping low prices. The length of each leg averaged 225 miles. ( Mais...

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George Freedman 3
Competition works!
mary susan watkins 2
the Hawaiian islands need some good reliable,low cost service,both for the tourists who visit and don't usually just stay in one place, and for the residents..i have flown on both Hawaiian air and aloha in my past visits to Hawaii,and the island "hops" take about 30-45 minutes,so there is really no service involved other than maybe a quick already set up on carts,type..southwest already does that,so the change wont be much for their cabin crews..
dee9bee 1
You're right. I've been on inter island flights with people in coveralls carrying a toolbox, obviously just out for the day. As soon as you reach cruising altitude, the descent starts VERY shortly. As for the tourists, most plan to visit at least two islands (Oahu and 'fill in the blank'), I would think.
Steve Cutchen 1
"The carrier introduced its shortest route earlier this year to much fanfare. The journey from Honolulu to Kahului Airport on the Hawaiian island of Maui spans just 99 miles, akin to the distance between Dallas and Waco."

Fly? That's like only an hour and a half drive!
Taylor Condit 2
Just 99 miles....between islands.
John OConnor 1
I just few on AA old 757 to Kauai as Southwest does not offer service there yet. Talk about old technology, no frills flying.


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