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A320neo also potentially vulnerable to pitch-up scenario

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Airbus has determined that the A320neo is potentially vulnerable to an angle-of-attack protection weakness which could result in excessive pitch attitude under certain circumstances. ( Mais...

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Shenghao Han 6
Remember it wasn’t the crashed or the software problem made people lose confidence in Boeing, it was the repeated denial and attempts to hide the mistake.
Chris B -4
Duplicate squawk
william baker 3
Ya dont say lol. Im the one who posted the other post. Just giving people a refresh that not only does the Boeing 737 max have issues so isnt the Airbus A320neo.
siriusloon -1
So you felt it was necessary to make the horrible, inexcusable, unforgiveable duplication worse by adding a post point it out?

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Torsten Hoff 17
There is no room for fanboyism in aviation safety. If there are problems, they need to be corrected, period.
tlewis95630 -9
Amen linbb it is interesting that they are crucifying Boeing MAX 8 but giving Airbus a pass. Where is the press coverage and public outcry
siriusloon 13
It's an entirely different problem caused by an entirely different thing and, not unimportantly, there have been no crashes. It was also self-reported by Airbus, unlike Boeing, which denied denied denied until they had to grudgingly admit fault.

Where is the press coverage, you ask? All you have to do is look for it because it's there. For example, in the article that was posted to start this thread -- among many other places.


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