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Analysis: The Airbus A220 Is Redefining Regional Ops At Delta

The Airbus A220 should be seen as the sweet spot between a Bombardier CRJ-900 and a Boeing 787. Delta Air Lines (DL) took delivery of its first Airbus A220-100 in October 2018, becoming the first American carrier to operate the Canadian-manufactured plane. The aircraft has been an utter success in its first five months of operations with the Atlanta-based carrier. Here's why. ( More...

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james ingram 9
I had my first DL flight on the "Canabus" A220 last month from SLC to DFW. Was very impressed by the cabin layout, comfort and overall quietness in all phases of the flight. Would definitely look to book on this type again.
Cansojr 11
Quote from above: "The aircraft has been an utter success in the first 5 months of operation. Maybe Boeing knew this and tried to terminate this successful program. In any event the A220 ha exceeded all operators expectations.
siriusloon 12
In its attack on Bombardier, Boeing claimed the C Series was an "existential threat" to the 737. Perhaps they should have looked closer to home for the actual threat.
Wow. Well played. And yes, boeing stepped on their own tail here. Airbus was the clear benefactor.
Adam DiSarro 3
Airbus only became the benefactor when they got a majority stake in the program. It was originally Bombardier and had nothing to do with Airbus, but now that Airbus can get full naming rights, it's just another huge stab in the face to Boeing.
john kilcher 1
Yes, in the board room which makes the decisions going forward.
Cansojr 1
siriusloon 0
Please locate and disable your CapsLock key. Shouting does not add credibility to your comments. Quite the contrary.
mack mccurry 3
As a Pilot and Non-rev passenger I have ridden in the back of the cabin and had a very comfortable experience. It’s nice to have a few extra seats when commuting!
As a Delta retiree who worked for a living,its a great addition to the fleet.
angus perkins 4
It appears that Delta is using it on MSP to DFW. I had the pleasure of riding in it both directions. The flight attendant made the announcement that we were flying in a "Brand spanking new a220". The pilot informed ua all that only five people had previously sat in the seat we were occupying. The FA was almost giddy when she told me to go check out the loo in the rear because it actually had a window in it. Certainly added a new dimension to peeing in an airplane.....(smile)
“The comfort and beauty of this aircraft cannot be understated.” LOL.
George Cottay 1
Thanks, Enrique. I enjoyed reading. The scope clause was new information for me.
btweston 1
I rode on a brand new Delta 220 a few months ago and while it generally seemed like a nice plane it kept making this disconcerting screeching noise for a couple seconds every time they powered the engines up during taxi. Obviously it didn’t crash and kill us all but it was not what I expected out of this wonderful new plane.

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joel wiley 3
Has Sancho quit yet?
siriusloon 3
I doubt Airbus or the airlines that fly their products have missed you. Presumably you don't work for an airline that flies both Boeing and Airbus products and expects its employees to do their jobs.
Sorry indeed.
btweston 1
Good luck with the windmills.


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