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GPS and ADSB problems XCL flights

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GPS and ADSB problems cause canceled flights. Many aircraft grounded. ( Mais...

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Chris Faulbaum 5
The Hackaday article speculates it is Proline 21 equipment that is affected but that is not true. We lost both GPS on Honeywell Epic equipped airplane yesterday afternoon. Does not seem to be aircraft equipment or nav data.
JJ Johnson 4
Not long ago the FAA had visions of shutting down all ground based NAVAID's (ILS/VOR/TACAN/DME) and going to the sexy Satellite navigation only. I always thought that "Vision" was myopic. Just one Chinese hack or software glitch or terrorist jammer or Sun fart from being a bad choice.
wingbolt 3
According to Collins Aerospace, the affected GPS receivers are GPS-4000S part number 822-2189-100 and GLU-2100 part number 822-2532-100.
wingbolt 3
On June 9, 2019, Collins Aerospace received reports that certain GPS and GLU models were not acquiring GPS constellations after power up. The impacted units known at this time are the: GPS-4000S (P/N 822-2189-100) and GLU-2100 (P/N 822-2532-100).

The following aircraft may be equipped with the GPS-4000S - P/N 822-2189-100. Please check your configuration to confirm:

· Bombardier Challenger 300
· Bombardier Challenger 350
· Bombardier Challenger 604
· Bombardier Challenger 650
· Bombardier Global 5000 Vision
· Bombardier Global 6000
· Embraer Legacy 450
· Embraer Legacy 500
· Gulfstream G150
· Gulfstream G280
· Textron CJ3
· Textron Hawker 800XP

Other models with the GPS-4000S - P/N 822-2189-100 will also be impacted.

The root cause is a software design error that misinterprets GPS time updates. A "leap second" event occurs once every 2.5 years within the US Government GPS satellite almanac update. Our GPS-4000S (P/N 822-2189-100) and GLU-2100 (P/N 822-2532-100) software's timing calculations have reacted to this leap second by not tracking satellites upon power-up and subsequently failing. A regularly scheduled almanac update with this “leap second” was distributed by the US Government on 0:00GMT Sunday June 9, 2019 and the failures began to occur after this event.

Please contact your OEM and regulatory authority to obtain an MEL or MEL extension if possible. If you have not powered up your units, leave them off until after June 16, 2019 00:15Z
The next scheduled update by the US Government to the GPS constellation is set for next Sunday June 16 00:00Z. We do not believe this update will include time information which triggers this error, however we are testing for impact of this almanac update.

Best Regards,

Liz Cornell | Dealer/Member Services Support | Avionics
400 Collins Road, Cedar Rapids, IA 52498 U.S.A
Tel: +1 319 263-4742
SmokedChops 2
Thank you for the update! (now, how to square away the extra leap second calculation. ) 1:78,8400,000 accuracy is nothing to sneeze at.
wingbolt 3
Just got a call from my avionics shop. Evidently all Collins FMS’s with a 4000S GPS sensor is tits up with no solution in sight!
Dubslow 1
Yikes, really need to investigate what's causing the signal integrity problems. Is it natural or engineered interference? What is the nature of the interference (problem with the satellites, with the actual data being broadcast, or secondary EM interference post-broadcast)?
Jim DeTour 1
It's fine that the hardware tracks and updates the time for making faster acquiring but that's all. The GPS satellites are all constantly broadcasting the time for GPS locations to be calculated by planes with. So if the problem is the 2.5 second leap seconds somebody forgot to take the adjustment out of calculations after acquiring satellites. That tells me the person doing so didn't actually understand how GPS works. Tech must of had a great "looking" resume up until now.


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