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airBaltic tentatively schedules the last Boeing 737 revenue flights

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airBaltic, which had been aggressively replacing its older Boeing 737s with new Airbus A220-300s, has tentatively scheduled the last Boeing 737 revenue flights in the fall. According to Airline Route, the last Boeing 737-300 revenue flight is tentatively scheduled for October 26, 2019. ( Mais...

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Cansojr 3
AIR BALTIC will be the first airline to use an exclusively AIRBUS & BOMBARDIER FLEET of aircraft with a wide range and greater fuel efficiency. The old Boeing's were causing them to lose money. The new fleet will do everything that Boeing didn't have on their aircraft. This is the future of aviation, not over engineered aircraft that don't perform as advertised.
James Steiner 3
I think that the Q400s are suppose to be retired as well.
Good point James...

sharon bias 1
Wonder how many 737 planes they have left? Wonder if they're shopping them to other airlines as a stopgap measure for the 737Max grounding? Bet the cost/benefit number cruncher's are busy.
bentwing60 1
Given that they only have 8 left, 6 300's and 2 500's, with an undetermined by me, but at least average age of 22+ years, they won't be a factor as a result of the max issues. They might have a market in sub-saharan africa, but not with a player sittin on grounded Max's.


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