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NASA creating world's first all-electric airplanes powered by 'holy grail' frozen hydrogen fuel to save Earth from eco-disaster

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NASA funded scientists are working on an environmentally friendly electric plane that's powered by cryogenically-liquified hydrogen fuel. The engineers have been given three years and $6 million (£4.6million) to create the tech which could revolutionize the aviation industry. ( Mais...

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Frank Harvey 2
Pardon my scepticism but how much energy will be required to manufacture the cryogenic liquid hydrogen fuel and what will be the source of that energy ?

Example : Electric only cars are neat but if you burn brown coal, as they do in Germany, to create the electricity that is put into the battery to make the electric car move all you are doing is transferring the pollution from the road to the plant burning the brown coal. And if they're doing this in Germany right now, creating huge open air pits in formerly beautiful countryside, destroying quaint villages and farms, to mine brown coal ! And brown coal is the dirtiest coal you can get ! German coal burning plants are even dirtier than Polish !

And what is the actual full ecological cost of manufacturing solar cells, including obtaining and processing all the components ? And what is the ecological cost of extracting and processing the lithium you're using in the batteries ? And how do you dispose of the exhausted batteries ?
Kobe Hunte 1
I never knew that they did that for electric batteries. Interesting. Which is better then? Making batteries with brown coal or have millions of cars with exhaust fumes?
Frank Harvey 1
Some German power plants are fueled by brown coal (lignite). Germany is creating new mines to extract brown coal to fuel more power plants. Some of the output from these brown coal fueled power plants is used to charge batteries. Therefore some of the electricity which is stored in these batteries contributed to the pollution from brown coal. I am not aware of any brown col being used as a component in rechargeable batteries.
Sorry if my original post was not clear.
Kobe Hunte 1
oh my bad. sorry i never read it properly the first time.
Kobe Hunte 0
wow thats crazy how they can make engines run on "frozen" hydrogen. If they fully "create" it, it will be interesting to see if it will take off. A lot of news like this is a lot of propaganda which never goes anywhere.


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