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Worst airport in US has been named

Newark Liberty Airport has officially been the dubbed the worst U.S. airport, according to a new ranking list. The New Jersey-based hub held the lowest U.S. spot at 116 of 132 around the world, according to AirHelp's annual rating list, which is an organization that specializes in air traveler rights by seeking compensation for delays and cancellations. Bloomberg News was first to report the rankings. ( More...

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LAX in a landslide.
Mike Mohle 5
Easier to get in and out of as a passenger and pilot that LGA, IMO, and closer to Manhattan by time in most cases (lacking a chopper). Delays are a fact of life due to volume, as the two parallels are too close together to allow effective simultaneous ops. Same problem at PHL. Love the Hilton and Marriott there too!
Keith Brown 2
Yeah, I don't get all the hate. Probably New Yorkers. Like LGA and JFK are any better?. The whole NE complex is a disaster. Too much needs to be re-designed and re-evaluated and too many logistical and political obstacles are in the way. "You get the government you deserve," well in this case, you get the airports you deserve. As a traveler (and retired air traffic controller) I'll take EWR over the alternatives. There isn't much to be done about delays except building more runways which, see above, isn't gonna happen, but over the years landside I've notice many improvements. Same thing at PHL. I'll censor it but my major thought is always "Wow, it's no longer a s***hole."
indy2001 4
The employees' attitudes also must rank near the bottom, although the soul-sucking atmosphere of the whole terminal complex most likely is a factor in that...such a far cry from the opening of the new terminals A and B in 1973, which replaced the outdated North Terminal. (I have a soft spot in my heart for that old terminal, with its outdoor observation deck that stretched along the roof of the east and west 'arcades'. Plane-watching was a favorite family activity when I was growing up in north Jersey, and special occasions were often celebrated at the Newarker restaurant in the terminal.) The new terminals were even featured in late-70s Hertz ads showing a sprinting OJ Simpson leaping over benches, ropes, railings, and anything else in his way. How the mighty have fallen!
Alan Dahl 3
Anyone who thinks EWR is the worst airport in the country should be made to sit in one of those tiny departure areas at MCI with one broken toilet and no food for several hours. Definitely the worst airport in the country (and world class in badness) and it will continue to be until they get the new single terminal open in 2023.
Braniff77 3
Terminal C is much improved, except for the very confusing check-in levels. Love the train connection to Manhattan. Constant flight delays are annoying.

Why is Billy Bishop one of the 10 worst in the world?! Where else can you get off the plane and walk into downtown?
wdw56 3
The list is subjective. I have been to many of those airports and depending upon the time of day and date and who you are interfacing with can make a difference. Also the class level you are flying. If you are back in steerage, you may have a different experience then someone in first class - just saying.
ian mcdonell 2
Geez Louise - I can think of a lot worse than this one
I'd say location trumps all, besides countless directs to the world and the country, if you fly United :) ...
I vote KBOS on the list. Getting there, & parking, is a horror show for customers, and a complete ripoff for pilots. Gotta love Massport ... the aviation wing of Beacon Hill ...
Longest TSA lines in the world. Pack a lunch.
Kobe Hunte 1
thats a bit harsh. In this day and age, people can't expect to keep rolling in the same pace as 10 years ago. Update the airport!
Kikutwo 1
We frequently use UA and are amazed at how long it takes to get bags at EWR on domestic flights into one of their main hubs. 40 minutes is not at all unusual here. System is ancient. The food has gotten MUCH better. I'd like to know how having a bathroom to service the hundreds of travelers getting off planes could have only two toilet stalls and four urinals however.
Larry Horton 1
I'll go along with that. Flew in there one time and now make every effort to avoid that airport no matter the cost or convenience
George Cottay 1
I'd much rather read about the best airports!

And thanks to this post I just read some of the best lists. Thanks, Torsten.
Alan Cordery 1
Any US airport that involves foreign flights coming requiring customs is a disaster, JFK, MIA, LAX, SFO you can easily spend 1 hour plus going through the whole ridiculous ritual. You should go through the machines and straight through, with human supervision required for “special cases”.
I missed as connection there in 17' Not only did they find two BIZ seats on the next flight, they asked a guy to move so I could sit with my wife, and then provided a cart ride to the other side.
Will Fow 4
The airline found the seats and asked a guy to move, not the airport
Scott Campbell -1
Will your too smart for me - but if you actually felt that way you wouldn't find the need to correct others - the article also speaks about staff AT THE AIRPORT - maybe read next time
Patrick Murphy -2
It is hard to believe there is a worst airport than Chicago ORD. I do not think you can change the attitude of the airport employees.


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