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Osaka-bound Jetstar 787 lost thrust in both engines

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Japanese investigators are proving a loss of thrust in both engines on a Jetstar Boeing 787-8 during its approach to Osaka’s Kansai airport. ( Mais...

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Brian Wilkes 3
the aircraft that just keeps on giving!
Larry Toler 2
I hate to bust on Boeing, but they're getting bad press lately. There was a United Express flight fro TYS to HOU the other day which the PIC diverted and told the pax two of the displays went out. The local news wanted to portray it as another 737 MAX fiassco. I don't know of any UA flights being mainline. Sure enough, it was a CRJ. Things like this do happen, despite the airframe manufacturers. There are so many subsystems you can't just blame Boeing or Airbus or EMBRAER or Bombardier. The purchaser of the aircraft gets to choose the avionics as well as the cabin layout. Those items are usually installed by a contractor.
Geoff Davies 1
I just returned on a 787 it was fine at 38.000ft at it was fine or just lucky maybe


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