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Three Airlines, Three Very Different Approaches To 737 MAX Tragedy

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The crash of 737 MAX 8 jetliner in Ethiopia two weeks ago has evoked starkly different reactions depending on who you ask. Airlines have reacted in the same way. While Garuda mulls cancellation, flydubai digs in, and Norwegian fumes. We’re still too early in the aftermath of the tragedy to understand what precisely happened to cause the deadly wreck. While evidence increasingly ties the Ethiopian crash to the same issued that plagued a Lion Air 737 MAX 8 that crashed months earlier, both… ( Mais...

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Larry Toler 1
I'm getting tired of what may have happened. We need pilots and support crew. As a flight attendant and a veteran of the US Air Force (MAC and then AMC) coordination and planning is very important. Rank was out the window while we worked together. As a flight attendant, after I did my preflight of the cabin, I would walk around with either captain or first officer for their preflight checks before I would let pax aboard.
Then again I went from '130's '141's and C5's I worked a regular civilian job until I got laid off and became a flight attendant as a joke. Next thing I knew I was tied into a jump seat of a Jetstream 4100.


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