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A senior China Airlines Captain has been filmed sleeping in command of Boeing 747

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Video footage has emerged of a jumbo jet pilot taking a nap in the cockpit mid-flight. ( Mais...

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bentwing60 15
I'd rather see him take a cat nap over the ocean at 390 than be completely burned out on a cat 111 approach for a national airline that doesn't treat CRM quite like they do with first order euro. or US 121 flag carriers.
Highflyer1950 12
Controlled rest on the flight deck. However, not enough info provided in the article. Was it a cargo flight, were there more than two on the flight deck. If a pax flight then the lead F/A could be required to visit the flight deck every 15 min to check the crew if controlled flight deck rest is initiated?
Christian Parada 8
I thought there are certain times during long-haul flights where pilots are allowed to take naps.
patrick baker 7
unnecessarily hysterical headline: no harm, no foul, as long as captain told the other pilots "you got this for a while"... I have done this, but only when i felt safe with the other guys upfront.
David Vega 3
I wouldn't fly with that co-pilot ever.
sparkie624 -3
Either I do not understand you, or you may not have read this correctly.... It is the Captain that was sleeping! Not the FO!
bentwing60 3
If a subordinate co-worker videoed you sleeping on your Simpson 260, would he be welcome in your group anymore?
sparkie624 -2
I would rather fly or work with someone filming me... than sleeping on the Job... Especially in such a safety conscious field.
Mirage642 4
And how many pilots take naps during a flight until ATC calls their N number? You can make an issue because the Captain didn't personally check the tire pressure in the tires before they departed if you want to.
termigrator 2
There are many incidents caused by an overtired crew during the approach, but I am not aware of any incident caused by a short sleep during the cruise. A well-rested captain is more welcome to me on the final approach than an overtired one.
sharon bias 2
Right, and lets punish the guy reporting the breech too. More than a few crashes in Asia over the years because no one would challenge the pilot.
Highflyer1950 12
No argument on the safety record of foreign airlines but this smells of an F/O trying to improve his senority?
joel wiley 4
The article referenced a recent strike over pilot fatigue. Perhaps F/O was just documenting the issue? I think your inference is more likely.
Ray Harrop 2
Agreed - absolutely the skip should take a nap when everything safe. I do it every arvo.
Shenghao Han 1
For some reason China Airlines had really bad reputation in the past. The Taiwanese flag carrier for some reason just couldn't do something the Mainland China does better...
bentwing60 1
no politics there, I'm sure!
sparkie624 -4
Bad idea... Need to get rid of him.... In the case of an emergency and he got woken up at minimum he would not be up to date on what the situation is, or maybe the pilot flying had a medical issue and became incapacitated before alerting the sleeping crew member... All kinds of bad!


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