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Qantas cancels an order for eight Airbus A380

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On February 6, Qantas announced that it would cancel an order eight Airbus A380. The Australian carrier said the superjumbos of Airbus do not fit into the fleet plans of the company. ( Mais...

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Aldrei Zanette 5
Is it the beginning of the end for the A380 ?
Cansojr 2
It is just so big. New technologies attempt to keep the cabin as comfortable as possible. It is a heavy fuel burner. It was a noble experiment by Airbus. However it was too expensive to purchase or lease. The fuel bill alone would support a regional carrier. Nevertheless they had to hit their magic sales number, they have not achieved that figure. There were not enough people who don't support Emirates or Eitad. Airbus cannot afford to keep burning through money after purchasing the main stake in the Bombardier deal. Seriously Airbus should pull the plug on the 380 and would be much better off concentrating on the 350.
Shenghao Han 1
A380 was Airbus’s white elephant, they had one goal “building the largest airliner”, especially targeted 747’s capacity length and wingspan (747-400 was at the time largest airliner), as well as An-225’s max gross weight (failed to beat this target). Most airlines only bought because of its title of world’s largest airliner.

Airbus already achieved their goal, they can careless about making money off it.

Kobe Hunte 2
the beginning of the end already started for the 747 so very likely the A380 as well.
Varlei Disiuta 2
porque a Qantas não tem voos direto do Brasil para Austrália? só aí teria um enorme fluxo de passageiros pois o tempo de voo seria mais rápido e os preços mais baixos...muitos desistem pela longa distancia e pelo alto custo das passagens!
Kobe Hunte 1
english for those that dont speak portugese! :-) - Qantas does not have direct flights from Brazil to Australia? only there would have a huge flow of passengers because the flight time would be faster and the prices lower ... many give up for the long distance and the high cost of tickets!


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