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California Considers Closing GA Airport in San Jose

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Officials in Santa Clara County, California, approved a motion on December 4 to move ahead with a business plan that could close Reid-Hillview Airport (RHV) in east San Jose and consolidate its operations with the smaller San Martin Airport (E16), 23 miles southeast. It’s a plan opposed by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), which in advance of the board’s meeting wrote to officials urging them to “remove any process to study closing the airport.” ( Mais...

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cane 11
This is my home airport and a valuable asset to San Jose. It is a shame and I'm disappointed in our officials in Santa Clara County. As the article suggests, it a a MAJOR reliever to San Jose International and having E16 so far south, it makes it unpractical to use that airport. Please help support Reid Hillview!
Torsten Hoff 9
NIMBYs doing their thing. Municipal and other GA airports are being closed all over the country, and developers are salivating over the large parcels of land so they can turn them into office parks or new housing subdivisions.
Richard Orgill 1
Very fond memories of flying into and out of this Airport...and a certain young lady.
Robert Fleming 0
E-16? What's that?
bdarnell 1
San Martin
James Simms 5
People’s Socialist Democratic Republic of Kalifornia strikes again.
Robert Fleming -1
Smooth, real smooth!
Paul Wisgerhof 2
As always, follow the money....especially that finding its way into the pockets of the County Commissioners.
dnorthern 1
Do you know the way to San Jose?


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