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U.S. charges Chinese intelligence officers for jet engine data hack

Chinese intelligence officers conspired with hackers and company insiders to break into private companies’ computer systems and steal information on a turbo fan engine used in commercial jetliners, according to a U.S. indictment unsealed on Tuesday. ( More...

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Chinese industries are entirely build and based on coping western technology ,in the 1980 they were not able to feed there population a 3 world country, and now they pretend to have developed a high tech economy ,they have stolen everything they know from the west.
And these western companies that relocated there production facilities to China are as guilty as the Chinese thieves ,but no one has the guts to talk about that fact.
Cansojr 0
The Chinese and Russians steal billions of dollars in intellectual property. As well, it saves them tens of millions in doing the hard work and cost of Research and Development. A friend of mine was at the Paris Air show when the Konkordski crashed.
He said that aircraft appeared not to have flush riveting. Sadly, it killed a lot of people when it went into service with Aeroflot.(crashed a lot). The Concorde had only one tragedy. Clearly this is an excellent case of corporate espionage.

Shenghao Han 2
I am not supporting espionage of any kind but if someone managed to cloning or building something like a jet engine or a compete airplane that is an achievement on its own. Unlike copying your classmate's homework, if someone need to copy a plane, everything down to the exact alloy compound and manufacturing process need to be the same, the TU-4 (a B-29 clone) managed to get the weight difference down to 4% (TU-4 was heavier) but they some how get about the same performance.
The engineers who clones them defiantly done a amazing job, it is the "business people" who ordered the engineers to copy the code/design are the ones should be hanged.
Cansojr 1
What on earth are you trying to say.
Shenghao Han 0

Speaking about the TU-144, there is not clear cut evidence Soviets copied the Concord, if there was any "copying" NASA would know about it, after all they borrowed one to do supersonic research flight.
Oh and don't forget Tu-144 did mange to do an emergency landing after an engine failed in SUPERSONIC flight.
If you want to use no Flush riveting or "many crashes" (TU-144 only had 2 crash, one at Paris, one was a delivery flight, total number of people killed by TU-144 is still less than Concord, 16 vs 113) as "evidence" of they copied Concord or bad design.
First of all Tu-144 was rushed, it was there because they learned Concord was on the way, and because of Cold War the Soviets must build it, just like Buran (the Soviet space shuttle). After all the Soviets were leading in the space race at the time, lack of a SST when the "Western world" have one will certainly lost face.
As why it was noisy, unpolished and crude in general, that is just how Soviets done it. I heard stories about rows of young soviet airliners parked on the ground just because their engines burnt out. Their fighter jets even have protective screen in the intake TODAY because of the condition of their runway. But don't forget the most powerful fighter jet engine had been the ones on Mig-31 (built 1975) for a long time until F-22 comes by (1993). Their planes are truly flying tanks, crude but strong.
Cansojr 1
The Russians already have already admitted to stealing the Concorde blueprints. So stop with the nonsense. The gate was open and the horses bolted. Get your facts straight before you come into this forum.


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