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Garmin's Budget Autopilot Now Approved For Bonanzas

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Garmin has likely picked the right market with an STC for retrofitting the $6995 GFC500 autopilot for the sizable fleet of vintage Beech Bonanza and Debonair models. The approved AML-STC (approved model list supplemental type certificate) includes the Beech 33 series aircraft—from straight 33 models to the G33—with some airframe serial number exclusions ( Mais...

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ToddBaldwin3 5
I never really pictured the words "budget" and "Bonanza" in the same sentence.
bashdan 2
Ain't that the truth!
jagerardi 2
Sorry, but "budget," and $6995" do NOT go together.

skylab72 1
$7K does, however, go with "Budget Autopilot".
ToddBaldwin3 1
It does. I'm thinking hard about one for my 172. After I get the ADS-B installation paid off.
Christian Parada 2
Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun Bonanza!
Shaun S 1
Wish they would finish up the PA-28 line. I'd like to put one in my 236.
Kenneth Seals -1
Have it in a 172,so very smooth almost no learning curve.
sparkie624 1
Looks like a good well packaged and thought out system... Priced reasonably... If I had a Bonanza, I think I would try it out.
Ray Larocque 1
They have left a lot of V tails off the list. I have been waiting to hear that my J35 is eligible but not yet. Might have to look for something else to use with the 2 G5’s I have installed
Ray Toews 1
Competition is a wonderful thing. At 12k to 20k for and autopilot the profit must have been wonderful.


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