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Wingwalking Isn't What It Used To Be, And That's A Good Thing [video]

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Back in the 1920s, wingwalking claimed lives. Daredevils would move around on the top of a plane's wings, in mid-flight, often without any harness or any safety line. Maybe they'd be able to clip onto something during takeoff and landing, but maybe not. There are still a few of those true daredevil wingwalkers out there in the world, but in the 21st century... it's usually a bit different ( Mais...

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Bill Babis 5
I've taken a large bug hit to the face at 65mph. Not even remotely interested in possibly trying it at 100mph. Would love to fly the Stearman though.
Mike Williams 0
Yeah, there is the old joke about the happy motorcyclist. How can they be identified? LOOK AT THEIR TEETH!
James Simms 2
That first step’s a doozy...
Alan Dahl 1
I liove Tom Scott’s videos. He has an excellent one where he’s riding with the UK’s Red Arrows team too.
Lee Withers 1
It's a little ironic that the pilot has a helmet and not the wing person, as if ir it would do any good. A full face motorcycle helmet would take care of the bug encounter.


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