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The 20-Hour Flight Is Coming. And It May Have a Gym and Bunks

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The goal of a nonstop flight from Sydney to London — half the way around the planet — took a leap forward as the world’s top planemakers convinced Qantas Airways Ltd. they can make the 20-hour route a reality. ( Mais...

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Ricky Scott 6
Airlines always propose ideas to add to planes for customers. Seen many a drawing on Cad when I worked. But, seats always win out. A gym and Bunks do not revenue create so seats go in.
scott8733 2
Plus, I've always wondered what happens when the A/C goes in and out of choppy air for an extended period of time. Do people have to sign up for certain times? Gym certainly won't accommodate everyone at once.

That's what I want - someone who just finishes their workout on hour #3 and I have to sit next to some sweaty, BO injected body for another 17 hours.
jeff slack 1
.............and you are 110% correct.
Do you recall all the hype about the 787 and a350 (?) they said we would in future be walking into a foyer and not a galley!!??
I have yet to get on one that does not have a galley you walk through on entry and seats shoved to the back and from the front of the same galley.

A gym? Sweat? NO showers? 20 dumb do they think we are.
Ricky Scott 2
Yes I recall when Boeing was working on it. The Economy area was designed to take 19" seats with wider Aisles. But, the airlines added a middle seat with 17.5" seats and aisles that are bare minimum.
Michael Hoare 1
Why the hell do you need a gym on a plane .........cant people go without for the duration of the flight
Robert Fleming 4
I personally can't see being in a plane for 20-hours thanks!
jeff slack 2
Upfront it is easily done; down the back, never............
Bar bells!
ADXbear 2
I agree with others.. that's just 2 long to be at any altitude.. confined.. not us.
patrick baker 2
what kind of prison ship airliner is needed for this length of flight, at what risk to health and sanity? this calls for a return to seats of yesteryear and seat pitches suitable for real size adults, as well as wide enough aisles suitable for walking in ovals up and down the aircraft during most of a day of flight, breathing who knows what kind of air, eating questionable qualities of food and drink. I can read a book or two if strapped into a seat for 20 hours, i can get drunk, pass out, wake up mostly sober, eat, drink, pass out, and wake up refreshed for a busy day in either London or Sydney. Can't wait for this silliness....
Ric Wernicke 1
We have that now on a LA to Orlando flight. LAX-SFO, SFO-ORD, ORD-DTW, DTW-DUL, DuL-MCO.
20 hours sitting in an aircraft? No thanks, especially since it will end up packed like a can of sardines.
iflyfsx 1
20 hours is just the flight time. You might be sitting in it a few more hours on the ground.
iflyfsx 1
Will it include an indoor pool, too? (An outdoor pool might get complicated).
Torsten Hoff 1
On an A380 a gym would take a relatively small percentage of the available interior space, but on A350 or B777 aircraft, a disproportionate number of seat rows would have to go. In addition the users of the gym would want to shower (hopefully) and change, so now you’ll need a place to do that, and carry extra water.

Given that Qantas for example said that they were not interested in an aircraft that couldn’t make the trip from Australia to London fully loaded with a butt in every seat and their luggage below, I don’t see them sacrificing seats for amenities.
bentwing60 2
The bean counters always win. The 74 wound up with a bunch of seats instead of the pictured piano bar and the A380 offered everything but what it delivered, a bunch of seats! I wouldn't count on a 20 hour flight being anything other than misery, even in first. There was something nice about a Lear 25, you were definitely landing in 4 hours or less.
Ryan Clark 0
Click bait


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