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Garmin acquires, a leading electronic flight planning and services provider

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Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN) today announced that it has acquired Flight Plan LLC (FltPlan), a privately held provider of electronic flight planning, scheduling, and trip support services, including the popular website and mobile application FltPlan Go. ( Mais...

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DrMarc83 11
Well I’m sure that’ll be the end of their free services
Jenna Williamson -1
1800WXBRIEF is still free stateside.
crcole 8
I agree,this is BAD NEWS for us users
Bob Keeping 5
FltPlan has been the clear winner in features and accuracy for years. Garmin will kill it - their culture cannot tolerate excellence.

Jeff Pruitt 4
We are screwed. Greedy Garmin will charge huge prices for the services. The service provided will be sub-par.
William Garcia 4
No more free planner for simmers,,,, :(
ikold 1
Lets hope that they dont take a great service and make it mediocre...
Andrew McNeil 1
That is for sure, i will do my best not to purchase any Garmin products, they have skillfully managed to keep prices artificially high on old models of equipment, so that they are so close to new prices when they should be a lot lower. Their prices are insane, so i will not feed the sharks anymore!!!! As Bob Keeping so rightfully said " their culture cannot tolerate excellence!.
Rod Schroder 1
It is unbelievable how some get in a cockpit of a airliner. Thankyou for your info.


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