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18 of the coolest aircraft paint jobs you'll ever see

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CNN pictorial on the coolest livery you will ever see ( Mais...

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Jeff Phipps 1
You guys are a bunch of killjoys. Most of these are one-offs with the "classy" or boring motif on the rest of the fleet. What little kid wouldn't want to see Buzz Lightyear on a jet? Summon your inner kid and smile for a change!
Iain Robertson 0
First of all they are not paint jobs, they are vinyl wraps. I don't find any of them aesthetically appealing. Tradition airline liveries uncluttered by vinyl advertisements are best.
David Carr 0
I couldn't agree more...simplicity is much more appealing
Lyman Paquette 0
I was impressed with the artwork going into/onto the planes but not with the linked slideshow. That particular slideshow was quite poor in relation to others I've seen.
Also, it has been many years since I've seen a plane "Painted" and not with that kind of artwork. Can you imagine the time that would be required to paint an entire fleet like that? As mentioned they are mostly wraps, just much bigger than the ones we see on buses.
ian mcdonell 0
I think there have been and are a lot better that that selection
Frank De Amaral 0
Whatever happened to classy?


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