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Boeing requests waiver to avoid 787-10 certification delay

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A software bug that shut-down one engine on a GE Aviation-powered 787 last July has prompted Boeing to ask the US Federal Aviation Administration to temporarily exempt the 787-10 from a safety requirement. ( Mais...

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Christian Parada 4
Isn't this the exact opposite of what they should be doing?
ian mcdonell 3
I agree with you Christian
James Wilson Jr 1
Ah Yes, Greed is trying overcome Safety at Boeing again. What are you doing Boeing, trying to chase people over to Scare Bus ?
Chip Hermes 1
Sure, why not? The 787 has a stellar safety record. It'll be fine.
Torsten Hoff 0
Is that same engine management software in existing 787 models? If not, the safety record of aircraft currently in service isn't really relevant in the decision making.
Leo Cotnoir 2
I imagine that the software in question is embedded in the engine control computer, in this case a FADEC 3 manufactured by FADEC International, a joint venture of BAE Systems and SAFRAN.
wx1996 1
The article says it is the same software as currently on -8 and -9 models in service. Only a certification issue.
Torsten Hoff 2
It doesn't say that anywhere I can see. Yes, the existing GE-powered 787s obviously have engine management software from GE. But I don't see anything that says it is the same version, and I would frankly be surprised if it was -- the 787-10 will have a different GEnx-1B family engine than other 787 models.


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