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‘Aggressive’ passenger may have to pay plane’s fuel bill after causing emergency landing

A Canadian man may be charged $17,450 after his drunken and disorderly behavior caused the airplane to make an emergency return to the airport while accompanied by two F-15 U.S. Air Force jets. ( More...

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Shenghao Han 56
That is about 20%-30% of actual cost for diverting, overtime, and put the others on other flights, let alone those missed vacation plans... Maybe if we make all unruly passenger pay the actual cost, they will be less unruly.
He is bankrupt they never get a dime out of him
mdburd 1
Actually, if he's filed before the judge rules, this would be post bankruptcy--would it not??

Unless he's using the filing as sheer prophylaxis--in case of the ruling.. If so, he should also be charged with fraud
Ben Kennedy 3
You mean more ruly?
AWAAlum 1
More ruly - less unruly ... same same

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Graham Ge 27
Airlines should unite and create a blacklist, passengers such as this idiot should never be allowed to fly again. It wouldnt take long for word to get around.
Pete Schecter 3
those lists already exist and they are shared...
How come it still happening if list do exist? List on the brick wall maybe.
Mike Mohle 1
They can take the bus!
sparkie624 27
That is not near the cost of the Diversion and add a Fighter Jet escort to boot... He should have to pay more like 50 to $75,000 or more. It costs about $20,000 an hour for a fighter jet alone and they had 2 not to mention the airline costs.
Another case of how to make an instant asshole--just add alcohol!! Yes he should pay. Same goes for the 5 Brits who forced a plane to land in Winnipeg recently. Zero tolerance is the only message these idiots understand.
Braniff77 4
and yet, airports keep adding more places inside the terminal to get alcohol. Newark Terminal C no longer has moving walkways in at least one of the concourses, and it's now basically a terminal-long bar.
Ian Roxburgh 19
....and yet again, why should the vast majority of us who drink alcohol responsibly be deprived of the facilities to do so - at the airport or on board - simply to accommodate those who don’t or won’t? I deplore this tendency to blame everyone and everything rather than the culprit. No question in my mind, he should have to pay the FULL cost of the diversion. One caveat here; IF the ground staff let him on board, aware that he was likely to cause disruption, then they should shoulder some of the blame but this is not always obvious at the time.
WeatherWise 2
...and yet many drinks are there in "responsible"? How about flying...or anything else for that matter...SOBER? Or is that just out of the realm of possibility?
Bob Roehrer 2
Amen. How about toking responsibly, isn't that the same as drinking responsibly. I'd rather no one do either on my airplane, thank you very much. further, one person's idea of "responsibly" can be worlds apart from the next persons!
Mike Mohle 2
Airports are funded with alcohol $$$.
n9341c 1
It has less to do with alcohol than it does psychological fitness. I'm becoming more and more convinced that airlines should demand passengers produce and file a "psychological fitness to fly" that is signed off by their primary care physician and be on file BEFORE being allowed to purchase a ticket. Times are different. People are nuts. This is getting ridiculous. Clearly people are flying on airplanes that should NOT be allowed to fly or be in contained, close proximity to others for any extended period.
Bob Roehrer 1
Just like all good ideas that haven't been thought thru: who's going to pay for all that adminstrative affort?
joel wiley 1
Call it a National Security issue, assign it to DOD, place funds with DOD that can then be diverted to shore up the FUP-35 program. /s
John Wyer 11
It's about time there are consequences for this kind of behavior. A small step in the right direction.
AWAAlum 6
Next thing we know, a small "holding cell" will be included in the cabin to alleviate flights having to divert. Hmmm - the way things seem to be going, that may not be such a bad idea.
Herbert Swain 3
Stewardess.... My wife has had too much to drink, please lock her up!
Mike Mohle 2
In the cargo hold....
unpressurized ...
That, or hand him a parachute.
Don Whyte 3
or not
joel wiley 2
Call it a 'time-out room'. Could be used for outrageous actions of juveniles of all ages.
Clay Kahai 2
Hmmm! I kinda like that “holding cell n the cabin” idea!
John G 5
How on earth could two fighter jets possibly assist an aircraft with an unruly passenger on board?
Barry McClung 4
They are scrambled in case it is not an isolated mingebag passenger, but a coordinated effort to hijack, and use the aircraft as a weapon, ala 9/11.
30west 1
And should that happen as Barry describes, the fighters are there to destroy (i.e. shoot down) the jet before it can consumate the terrorist act.
chalet 9
Wait a minute, before jumping to conclusions the question is: was he drunk before boarding, if so then the airport authorities and the airline agents should have prevented him from boarding and handed him over the poice if warranted. Now if in spite of being drunk they let him aboard then the blame is somebody else's. Now I for one thik that if a passenger gets drunk while airborne and acts in an unfit manner, then he should be wrestled down by the cabin crew, duct tape him hands and mouth alright, and CONTINUE FLYING to destination.
robin cooper 3
and hand him over to cuban authorities a few months in a cuban jail would cure him!!!!
WhiteKnight77 2
There was a time where I would invariably be quite lit when getting on a plane, and drink more while on-board. Not everyone creates a problem while inebriated. For me, it was a way to get rest on those long flights overseas.
Jeff Carey 1
I Agree
ken young 1
Ha ha.Yep. A Cuban jail would be a fitting place for this miscreant
Greg S 1
Not everybody who is drunk can be "spotted" by ground agents. And I'm not sure that merely being drunk is grounds to deny boarding. You only have to be able to follow flight attendant's instructions. Finally, they don't test passengers to see if they can be allowed to board. Whether he was drunk before or after he boarded it's still his responsibility. We'd certainly prefer to have ground personnel identify problem passengers before they board, but it's unrealistic to expect much success in there.
Kate Jacques 3
“You made the messs...YOU clean it up..”. Applies to both children and adults. But kids are nicer.
Cade foster 4
That would be really great but some lawyer will invent some pathetic defense and that drunken looser will end up being paid.
Greg S 4
The article says he is planning on declaring bankruptcy. Sadly, after all is said and done I doubt he'll pay much if anything.
joel wiley 2
Tack it on as a student loan - those cannot be discharged in backruptcy for some odd reason.
Ed Merriam 1
"MBNA Joe" Biden (so "odd reason" is apt)
Yet if he does declare then he can only do it once every 7 years. So at least we won't have to deal with this asshole for another 7 years.
Lock him up in lieu of payment.
Why did they let him on the airplane to begin with?
Sam Johnson 2
Perhaps we should start flying the 727 again. Drop down to 10,000 ft, open the aft steps and push his dumb butt out.
Geoff Arkley 1
Lot of comments but has anybody mentioned "Air Marshall".
A quick bonk on the back of the head with a 3 D-Cell maglight could have saved a ton of grief here.
No bullet exiting the pressurised hull. Clean solution?
Richard Loven 1
The Airlines should have bouncers on their planes. The people that act up then could be thrown out the door.
n9341c 1
They do. They are called "pilots".
ken young 1
Back in the day before air carriers relaxed their standards for pilot recruitment. most if not all flight crew were military veterans. These guys could handle most rowdy passengers.
Until the issue of letting people drink as much as they want before and during flights is addressed, this will continue. It’s amazing to me that airlines are willing to let passengers drink in the quantities they do, and then are surprised when they become belligerent and disruptive- at times even life-threatening. There is fault to be shared all the way around.
The airlines have same cavalier attitude about passengers bringing into the cabin and trying to fit into the overhead bins luggage that should be checked
May he receive what is deserving for the wrong committed .
Leon Artac 1
Bar him from flying on any airline in North America. If that doesn't work, push him out at 10,000 ft.
patrick baker 1
really though, this guy is today's winner of the Aztec Lucky Virgin contest. An example has to be made, monetary and confinement, some of each. Then watch and see less of this crap....
toolguy105 1
Yes make him pay for the fuel burned and dumped because of his behavior. Maybe if people see the consequences of there action s they will think twice about starting the vacation part in the airport bar.
AWAAlum 1
That's assuming someone who would behave this way would be thoughtful enough. Doubtful.
patrick baker 1
i hate to side with airline management, BUT, these costs reflect some portion of actual damages, and the passenger is logically and legally responsible. Maybe the guy is clastrophobic.... that would excuse it in my book.....
ken young 1
Clastrophobia is no excuse. The reason is everyone knows their fears and foibles before hand.
So, no. No pass for this guy.
TWA55 1
I lay odds this never happens. It's a little late to try to put Pandora back.
matt jensen 1
A breathalyser test would have kept him off the jet
Carl Labecki 1
The guy got off very light. Absolutely he should pay the 17 grand plus a huge fine and be banned from flying forever. I see his kind all the time when travelling to the Caribbean and have even gotten some of them arrested at the end destination. Sunwing should have gone onto to Cuba and let the jerk rot in a Cuban jail cell. Big thing is to give him lots of jail time to think about just how stupid he is.
John Perinbam 1
Should be paying more than that, considering it was deemed necessary to fly 2 F-15s.
Claude Monte 1
Hey you, ever thought that BEFORE you get on such a list, you must make a fool of yourself once ?
Or do you think that all the future stupid acting flyers are known BEFORE they board ?
I am wondering why the two U.S. F-15 escorted the plane through Canadian airspace.
30west 10
NORAD has operational control of all U.S. and Canadian air defense assets to use for defending the airspace of both countries. Those assets respond to threats as directed by NORAD.
Jay Deet 1
Thank you; did not know that.
Leon Artac 1
Probably requested by Canadian Govt.

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Don't be a dick.
Jim Drummond 0
To right take his passport for a year then he can't get access to air travel
Of course the bottom line is this person should be executed - probably would be in Cuba - but at the very least he is responsible for every delayed and inconvenienced passenger's expenses and time and every one of them has a valid case against him.
Being from Canada, the guy was probably mad cuz someone referred to him using the "wrong" pronoun.
Bill Trudeau for the entire costs.
mike watts 0
The response was an over-reaction - he obviously did not present an actual physical threat. We are all just scared shitless now. It is BS to try to bill the passenger. Things are never perfect in any business or activity and some allowance for the unusual or the abnormal must be made.


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