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Aireon space-based ADS-B tracking exceeding SITAONAIR expectations

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El Bez says the Aireon space-based ADS-B data, in particular, is filling out gaps in flight tracking coverage. SITAONAIR has shared its learnings thus far with AIRCOM FlightTracker customers so that they can see “how this could be used in different parts of the world where existing coverage is not sufficient” such as polar routes and for certain oceanic coverage gaps. ( Mais...

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C B 3
Need this for sure. Wish it was there before the Malaysian flight vanished.
dodger4 2
There are huge benefits to areas of this world that are not covered by ground-based radar - e.g. most of Northern Canada. Not only the accuracy of the platform, the immediacy, and the selectivity available to controllers, but the availability of flight-following to smaller companies in remote areas. It will definitely revolutionize traffic separation and flight following.
Tom Sullivan 1
Is there a way to turn off the ADS-B tracking so a crew can "go dark"?
Duane Mader 1
I notice with ADS-B intsalled last week that FlightAware sees the entire flight path. Kinda cool, kinda Big Brother.


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