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Entire Accident and Rescue Sequence from Asiana 214 at KSFO Captured on Film

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The entire accident and rescue sequence from the Asiana 214 crash at KSFO was captured on surveillance and was published on YouTube for the first time. ( Mais...

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Larry Horton 6
I cannot believe the idiots with their luggage. If I were blocked by one I am afraid it would not end well.
Tom Bruce 2
me, too
Peter Steitz 5
What is unbelievable to me is how can this happen in day, VMC.
My take on this is too much reliance on automation and not understanding what it does. It is a great tool but you have to know what it will do and how to use it.
Richard Jessop 2
Read the NTSB accident report. It is actually a pretty good read for being a government document. There was a chain of events like there usually is for an accident.
Tom Bruce 1
always a chain of events... can't recall any big crash that wasn't preceded by a number of events, shaky decisions, misjudgments.... right down the path to disaster...
Bob Lamond 2
And I see at least one, probably more, passengers dragging their suitcase behind them after getting off the slide. Absolutely amazing!
Gotta clear Customs with your declared articles...
wylann 1
NTSB Accident report here:
DSmithOps 1
Pretty impressive response overall.. looked like they ripped a snozzle off of one of the ARFF trucks!
Scott Campbell 1
We have a better shot of this 747 Accident in 1971 ! @ 5:30
Scott Campbell 1
Lesson learned don't run a fire truck into the foam and kill a former survivor
wylann 1
If you read the report, it was determined (to a high likelihood) that the body that was run over was already dead. There's a chance that she may have been saved, but it doesn't appear that way from all indications. I would think (and the NTSB had several recommendations to that effect) that there are definitely lessons to be learned though, to prevent it in the future.
Harry Hallstrom 1
If I was a passanger on that flight I'd find the PIC and give him a swift kick in the ash. As for the Captain----asleep at the wheel.
So, you'd let the SIC and First Officer off the hook?


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